12 months seems a long time to wait for first post Annie angio!

hi ya Peeps.

Me again, well its been 2 weeks since my last posting to share that I had been bitten on my butt for bragging that life was fab and then getting the old too much too soon head hurty knock back. Well the head hurty has finally subsided and I realise that this was due to doing soooo much more physically, But I guess I never really realised just how much more I had been doing socially and using my ol thinking box, as by meeting up with old friends, I found that I started to get tongue tied, infact I started to some what stutter, not a huge stutter more of a stumble when forming my words and getting them out of my mouth, not enough for those on the outside to realise but enough for my hubby to have noticed, although he only admitted to this on cross examination, and once it had improved....he is soooo wise and intouch to the new me .... hahahaha. At first I just found it a little bazzaar, as chit chatting is not something I have ever had a problem with, and have always had plenty to say... hence my lengthy blogs..tee hee...

BUT it has led to me pondering which inturn has led me to a more pressing question, which I figure would answer several other questions floating around my head. Q1. are these new symptoms due to overworking my now nearly recovered brain or have I aggravated the 8mm Annie that was coiled back in April, Q2. Have my coils settled now and completely blocked off and sealed (forgot the medical terms) the annie or do I need further coiling Or Q3. is it infact new symptoms from the 4mm that is being monitored on the watch and wait. Which leads me to Q4 how much, if any, could my 4mm annie have grown in 5 months, how do you monitor something that has only been looked at once, and surely my 8mm had once been 4mm so what is my growth rate?

I know too many questions and pondering shall only lead to a head hurty!!!!!!

Soooo being typically me, I took a looksie back through my Baf forum bible and realise that most of you guys have had these questions answered at your 6 month angio, and most had fab results, However a few did require a few more coils, (greedy..lol) and yes there had been some change in those being monitored, infact someones had miracously gotten much smaller ( Yaaaay) but most importantly changes were found in the 6 month mark.

Well for some reason my surgeon (aka my Hero) performs the first angio 12 months post surgery, which is now seeming a long way off for me to ponder these thoughts. 7 months to be precise!!!!

So I guess the big question I am asking is, Now that I have moved state and shall not be seeing my original surgeon, would it be unethical or even wise to go to a new surgeon and ask for a 6 month post op angio just to put my mind at rest, whilst I have no present issues or worrying symptoms?

As always thanks for taking the time, and I hope all my fellow friends are healing and recovering well, and that this may also give insight to others who also re-read blogs for first hand experiences.

Best wishes to all


Best Wishes


Hi Friend! Sorry I've been quiet.

My first follow up angio was at 6mos, and I agree that seems to be the common experience of many of us. I wouldn't hesitate to ask for a 6mos f/u. Have you found a new doc in your new city now? That doc may even recommend it on his/her own. As much as I didn't want the angio - my fear - I'm so glad I have the peace of mind that my aneurysm has sealed off and the doc puts a 99.5% chance against that one ever being a problem again. My 2 little ones....who knows....I'm in your boat with that fear. I've been told by 2 docs that growth rate is entirely unpredictable, unfortunately. After that 6mos f/u, my doc moves to yearly MRA's - no more angios. Tho a different doc here in LA does continue w/ annual angios post 6mos - so I know that varies. I'd rather go the less invasive route, personally.

My head's been hurting a lot more lately too - migraines that jump side to side (multiple times today) and lasting for days, then a good day, then more headache. I'm friggin' SICK of it. I'd been having such a good run - headaches yes, but nothing out of the ordinary. Now it's worse. Probably the stress of the new school year and the family schedule shifting from the more relaxing days of summer. I don't want a life of headaches. I've been more tired too, and have also been fighting feeling depressed.....snowball effect, I think.

xoxo Jaycie

(((Gaynor))) so good to see you, but sorry about the new problem...I think you have every right to go back to surgeon and ask for angio or for him/her to recommend new surgeon for them to check you out...however, many will want you to go back to the original surgeon...

Please keep us posted...Cyber~prayers and thoughts your way...Colleen


Although I have not been coiled (I had the pipeline), I am having my 6 month follow up this coming December. Iam having both and angio and an MRA. Not sure why both, although Along with the stent I do also have a 2 mm watch and wait bugger so I believe the MRA is to check on that to see if it has grown.

Anyhoo, I do believe that you have every right to request your doc do a follow up in 6 months, and as Colleen said, maybe your new doc will ask for it on his own. If i were you, I'd put that thought in his head as best I could lol but I can be so pushy at times!!!! LOL

I am glad to hear your head hurty has subsided. Please keep us posted on your progress

Best wishes, thoughts, prayers and cyber hugs your way.


Hi ya Jaycie,

Was wondering where you were hiding:), I've missed you directing peeps from the blog site to the Forum, always makes me smile :), and I am sure it has saved those needing advise a whole heap of time waiting around. so yaaaaay to you.....Sorry to hear you have been feeling POO!, I totally agree that it could be down to the stress of the new school year and early starts. I only have one to suit and boot out of the door so can only imagine how much harder it is with 3. Lets hope the brain will settle back into the school routine and start behaving itself, and you get back on that good run.

Back to the angio - I remember both yours and Colleens angio results and was sooooo pleased that all was looking good, although felt for poor Colleen, having the trouble with her groin area. but I also remember thinking on both occassions. Its not fair stomp stomp I want a 6month angio!!!!! like the brat that I am hahahahaha, I even called an asked the nurse why my first angio was 12 months and not 6 months and was told and accepted that this was just the way my surgeon worked. I'm guessing now that I'm nearing my 6 months annie versary I'm getting a little more impatient than usual. Am defo gonna look into getting one sooner as even the chance of getting a 99.5% sounds worth being impatient for.

Best Wishes as always

Gaynor x

Hi Linda,

Firstly the head hurtys are back to the ol pain in the ass background nusiance, so yaaaaay feeling back to normal again.... although after reading that you are not only having a 6month angio but also an MRA (greedy hahaha) I am somewot jealous and stomping my feet . I'm defo going to get on to it. As yet I have not found a new doctor...tut..tut... but think I'm going to contact my original Surgeon and ask for a recomendation for a new surgeon, he knows I've moved states, and has given me all my records and cds so he was not expecting me to go back to him and then once I've contacted a new surgeon just casually ask when I can book my 6 month angio....taaaaadaaaa

Hope your doing well

Best Wishes



My first follow-up is in 6 months. My annie almost doubled in size in 14 weeks, at first angiogram it was a wait and see thing, then I had a second angio about 6 weeks later and it was growing at a rapid rate. I just had the liquid embolization on 6/29 and I am having bad head pain again, almost daily. I too have trouble putting my thoughts into sentences and my short term memory is almost non-existant. I think I may ask my Dr. to do the angio sooner. Not sure what to do, but, I know I am not myself since this has become a part of my life. Just wondering if this is normal for the recovery process.

Have a Blessed Evening,


Hi Karen.

Gosh - doubled in size in 14 weeks... never actually read how much a watch n wait had grown in an amount of time before. SCAREY!!!!!! ..... didn't think they grew that rapid..... you were so lucky to have had such frequent angios..... 1 more reason to get a wiggle on and sort a 6 month angio out pronto..

As for having trouble putting thoughts into words. This was a big problem for me to begin with but soon improved with time. Ive only just found I get tongue tied, but I have been a little overdoing everything of late so hoping this is just a blip when im tired, My short term memory was shocking at first but improved loads over time so fingers crossed yours shall too. You are still very early in recovery so be patient with yourself, and know that things shall get better. Just take things slowly, and take it from someone who knows as I am the worst for being impatient, pushing myself that little bit more and ending up with head hurtys to prove it.

Best Wishes


Hi Gaynor:

Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I think that I mentioned to you earlier that I'm not having my angio or mra until my 1st year anniversary. Not sure why they did that but I was concerned as well when I saw a lot of people going for the 6mos follow up. I went for a 6 week follow up but all they did there was ask a lot of questions and do some exercises to make sure that my balance/strength and other functions were normal. I can only assume that the coiling went that well that they didn't feel a need to follow up in 6 months. That's my logic and I'm sticking to it. lol I too have over done it a couple of times. The first time I was able to bounce back after about a week but the last time, I really over did it and it too me about 3 weeks to get to where I was prior. I was very disappointed in that and actually think that I became somewhat depressed. I don't handle sickness well nor have I ever been known for my patience so the set backs really wear me out emotionally. As far as the wait and watch annie, (I have one of those little buggers as well) I was told that they think that you are born with the annies , so that being the case, it took mine 56 years to get to the point of rupturing, so I'm not going to worry about something that may or may not happen, God will decide that, not me. Anyway I'm glad that you are feeling better, try not to stress too much Gaynor as that does nothing for you either, will give you a wonderful headache, as I'm sure you've discover, but that's about it. Take care, hugs and prayers for you.


Hi ya Teddy,

Not heard from you for a while, hope all is good with you today. We seem very similar where we are too impatient, over do it, then get frustrated when we have the set backs... And i know I shall do it all again...CUZ I CAN hahahaha.

I too tried the ol logic of my surgery was that successful I didn't need a 6 month angio, but now I'm at the 6 month my impatience has got the better of me and once i get something into my annie head its hard to shake off. If I were still in Washington, i guess i would have just gone back ot the original surgeon and let him convince me of this logic also...but knowing I shall have to find a new surgeon, I think i'm gonna just blag my way into a 6 month angio, and hopefully he shall look at my records and disc and confirm that yes indeeedy our success logic is all true n dandy after all :)

Best Wishes as always


Karen ---

Why did they do an angio 6 weeks after the first one? It's scary to hear how fast it grew, but I'm wondering if it looked somehow unstable to them - leading to a 2nd angio so quickly????

Hey Gaynor -

when it comes down to it, it's YOUR money, and you are hiring the MD to treat you - so I do think you have every right to get it done if you want to. Think of it that way--- you are the boss, and your doc is your employee :) Seriously, you have the right to get the treatment you want. The doc just needs to make sure ins will cover, but given that 6mos angios seems so typical, I can't imagine for a second that ins will be a problem.