3 month post annie for Nanny!

Hello Everyone!

Hope you are all well.

Today marked the 3 month anniversary (also the 3 month anniversary of the last time she smoked a cigarette, yay go Nan!) of Nan's ruptured aneurysm and she had her check up with the neurologist.

They have decided they are not going to operate/coil the other 2 aneurysms, they are small and there is a 1 in 100 chance of one rupturing again. What do you all think of this? She said she feels like a ticking time bomb, and I don't blame her.

Your opinions etc would be appreciated :)

Lots of Love, Ellie xxx


I would like to know her family history if any. I just had 2 of mine clipped. They were also very small and I was told the same thing but my family history warranted us going ahead with clipping instead of waiting. When they got in there, my smallest one..2 mm was so infected it could have ruptured at any time. I think info is just now being made available but size is not as accurate as the initial info they have been telling. My third one is on my brain stem and is inoperable and unclipable but we will stent it soon. Good luck and congrats on the smoking! Please stick with it!!


Hi Ellie ... good to see you on the forum and so happy that Nan is doing good...esp the not smoking...other than my big annie that was coiled, I have a 2mm annie behind my left eye...right now it is a "watch and wait"... I was told it is riskier to fix (chance high that it would burst in surgery) and less chance to rupture ... at first I felt like the ticking time bomb...but 2 years later...I feel I do the right things for me Health wise and I have learned to live each day...I think often we need to step back and analzye our journey and not let our annies dictate it...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...~ Wishing You a Beautiful Friday ~ Colleen