20 August 2023 new welcomes

Good Morning y’all! Big shout out to @Sheryl for catching a typo from last week! She also explained the grit in the well water! Thank you ever so much!

That dang skunk has relatives, I’m not sure Ohana (she’s my avatar) will ever learn to stay away but she’s sure learned to avoid the bucket of deskunking removal mix. Once a black dog, she’s now auburn on the front end. Just call me a cosmetologist dying hair lol.

We only need four trees to be removed, one is leaning towards a small outbuilding and is a bit dangerous with the split down the center. It’s a really big tree almost 3 feet in diameter. Our wonderful tree maintenance guy says don’t walk under it. He also passed on some wisdom I want to share.,I had mentioned that the young man who mows the yard said he’d take one of the trees down, the one that’s uprooted and leaning on others, all he has is a 16” chain saw. But Mr. Stitt, who is from the same town up in PA as my Dad, said when nature happens don’t trust people who just come up to your place saying they can fix it, get someone who does it for a living and is bonded and insured. He supposed the guy mowing our yard isn’t either and I said probably not, besides your my tree guy. He works with the only arborist in the county since the arborist sold him all the machines after a flood a few years back and didn’t want to keep working at 71, yet he goes out and quotes jobs for Mr. Stitt! I don’t think that’s retiring. I see it just like a Neurosurgeon, I wouldn’t want my PCP working on my brain, that’s my Neurosurgeon’s job😂. Make sure you hire someone who’s properly trained for specific jobs! Let’s get to the welcoming, shall we?

@earuss is from up in Ohio. Liz signed up for a brain study research! I’d love to hear more about that wouldn’t you? An MRI was part of the study and they found three aneurysms with the largest being 8mm x 5 mm. The large one was coiled just a few weeks ago and they’ll monitor the second one. Turns out the third isn’t an aneurysm. Liz, I think you’re one lucky person for signing up for that research!

@Noreen64 is down in Texas. She beat me, she had four surgeries within a year! Her aneurysm was fixed with the placement of a stent. I’d love to read about what you went through with four procedures in one year, yikes! Happy dance on that stent Ms. Noreen!

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I want to end this week with a piece of knowledge from @Kipkate that’s got me to thinking…she shared with me that “Babies/toddlers are drawn to Baroque music. Also reggae music. They mostly share the same meter (beats per minute)” it has me wondering if either type would help our brains regain lost neurotransmitters…maybe she will start a new topic and we can learn more, fingers crossed.

Have a great week y’all and hopefully I’ll get to learn more from everyone who posts, it’s something I do look forward to!