7 January 2024 new members

Here we are once again, yippee! It’s the first welcome for the new year!

The HVAC folks have been to the house four or five times this week, our gas furnace wasn’t working as it should. With the low temps, we really wanted to make sure we have heat. We do have a gas fireplace but neither of us grew up with one, so it doesn’t get lit. When we get the living room squared away, we will have someone come show us. There’s probably a remote somewhere…

If the heater goes out again I’m heading to the basement with the regular log burning fireplace…but I’ll probably just cover up on the couch. Who wants to trek out in 20-30’s dF for an arm load of wood when they can just put on another blanket. Been there, done that.

Truth be told, I’ve had a nasty cold since Christmas and had to be put on antibiotics. Apparently it was sinusitis and not a regular cold as I couldn’t shake it. So I doubt I could make it to our wood pile as it’s a bit of a walk from the house. German cockroaches love a firewood stack and I’ve not got any mint to help them and mice stay out of it. I don’t know why mint works. On the advice of an elderly gentleman, I would strip the bark off the logs to deter them to no avail. Quite by accident, the mint I planted from a friend grew to the firewood stack at our first home and it stopped a lot of things from finding a home in it, even spiders! So I’ve kept mint growing by our firewood stack for many years now.

Fortunately I tested negative for the three viruses hitting our area pretty hard. I hope y’all are healthier than I am. My immune system seems to have taken a hit with my rupture and then the DM so I’ve learned to stay away from people during the winter as much as possible. But with the holidays came a lot of exposure and then BH came home and said a wife of one of the guys helping me organize was positive for the flu, but not COVID or RSV! The NP I saw said all three are running rampant in our area. Enough about me, let’s get to welcomes!

@hks Is up in Pennsylvania and will be seeing a Neurosurgeon at Strong Memorial in Rochester New York on the 10th of January. Heather has an 8.8 mm aneurysm and believes she’ll need it clipped due to the location. She’s also a System Analyst who loves to golf, kayak and hike. Most of all she loves to spend time with her family! We wish you the best Heather!

@BlueButterfly is down in Florida. Blue Butterfly’s Mom has two unruptured aneurysms. They are currently lost and trying to make sense of the incidental find. Also looking for ways to find the right path so education is at the top of the list. We know a good bit about cerebral aneurysms, come talk to us and we can share our experiences!

@brainwave is in British Columbia Canada. John’s partner had continual headaches and she was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm. She’s looking for relief from the headaches. John also shares that he was born in Montreal but grew up in post war London. Hope she finds relief from the headaches!

That’s this week’s welcomes! Remember to never give too much personal information on posts or replies. Also watch the date on any topic you reply to, try to stay with ones that are no older than a few months. You’ll be able to tell because the post will show the date either by day and month or month and year. Best to start a new topic by clicking on the + sign under the General tab.

Have a great week y’all and stay warm if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere!


Welcome! Sorry you are having issues, hope and prayers all are helped soon! tc

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Welcome to the new members. Moltroub, I hope you feel better soon. It’s been a bad year for viruses up here as well, and I’m hoping to keep avoiding them!

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Thanks so much! I’m on my second round of antibiotics and it’s doing the trick!