Well I think I'm a little better

I had really bad pain on my right side around where they went in for my PED. lasted around 24 hours. went to ER yesterday, all was ok. called my surgeon and they said it was normal. that pain is better this morning. Ive been having horrible headaches since ive been home though. last night was the first night i was able to get any sleep at all. I have to keep taking the pain meds an put hot packs on my head to get rid of the headaches.

my surgeon is having me see my primary care doctor for my follow up and wants them to fill any pain meds if i need them later. i thought that seemed strang

Yes I can understand this Dawn...when will you f/u with your surgeon?

Keep on resting ... it takes time to heal...Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen

I wont see my surgeon again till the angiogram in 6 months. they want me to see my primary care for now. which knows nothing about PED

Hmm? I guess every Doctor/Surgeon is different Dawn...The surgeon before I left NICU and went home...made an appointment 10 days after my surgery...just to see me...perhaps because I had problems and was in NICU for 10 days...I don't know...and then after about 30 days...I f/u with my neurosurgeon...and then like you angiogram in 6 months...I was coiled...so maybe with PED it is different...if you are unsure or want to see your surgeon sooner...request an appointment...~

That’s the thing I had problems in ICU. I bled out so they made me lay flat 20 hours. They thought I may be bleeding internally at one point but luckily I wasn’t. Im now in the ER for the second time. First time we got a hold of ICU and they told us to go, because the pain in my groin area needed to be checked. This time was because my primary care doctor checked me and said. My headaches are too severe and she checked my balance and reflexes and they were really bad so she sent me back to the ER . Called my surgeons office because my spot on my groin where they put the stent in started bleeding and nobody called me back.

Hi Dawn...Bless your heart...you need to go to ER...same thing happened to me ... I bled in groin and inside body ... and ended in NICU...your primary should either have you admitted into hospital and/or you need to go back to ER and tell them what all has happened...I know that sucks....but You need to take care of YOU...~ worried and gotcha in my thoughts ~ Colleen

Ps...I would tell you more of mine groin problems and ER and surgeons...but now is not the time...taking care of you is utmost important.