Had my PED on Monday pain around the groin

pain set in at 3 am this morning. on my right side where they went in at. its horrible. hurts really bad the pain meds werent helping at all. walking was making it worse. my husband took me to the ER this morning an they said everything looked fine, so they gave me stronger meds an sent me home. i called my doctors office and they said it was normal it will probably last a few days. nice if this is normal they could have warned me im in really bad shape. i can barely walk because I hurt so bad. has anyone else been through this?

Dawn, So sorry to hear that you are having this kind of pain. I didn't have any pain there after my PED but I have read that other people have had this. Hoping your feeling better soon. Prayers to you for a quick recovery. lucy


I didn't have any reaction at all in the groin area after my PED was put in. Did they use a closure device or not, do you know? Just wondering if in fact you could be allergic to the one they used, if any? Just a thought.

I sure hope that the pain subsides and will keep you in my prayers.


This doesn’t sound normal to me…I never needed so much as a Tylenol for groin pain, and I’ve had two PED surgeries and 4 angios. My second surgery I had the special closure device thing, the other instances they just used pressure to stop the bleeding. I even had a bad experience my first angio where the guy pushed so hard applying pressure he made my leg hurt bad and go numb (subsequent angios and surgeries elsewhere proved that was a major mistake), but even then I didn’t have severe pain after. Sore, achy, tender, yes. Couldn’t walk? No. I know there’s no lifting for a week. I hope you feel better soon, or else go back the ER or our doctor and be insistent about how much pain you’re in. Let us know how it works out!

nothing has seemed really normal since Ive been home. my headaches have been so constant and severe also. I went to my primary care doctor checked me out and said my balance and reflexes on my right side were bad sso she sent me back back to er. I saw my surgeon there an think I just have swelling around the stint. but I woke up socked in sweat several times last night.


So sorry for your pain, but as hard as it is, try to separate what you feel in your body from your anxiety that easily comes from what you are going through. When you allow your anxiety to take over, you will feel your bodily symptoms worse. I know its easier than done, but try to cope with a better grip over your pain and say to yourself, "as bad as it is this is only temporarily, my groin will heal"


Dearest Dawn, I am hoping you recovered ok! Denise