Weight Loss During Recovery

Hello Everyone,

My mom has been home for about a month now, but she is having a difficult time gaining weight. She will eat and often have ensure shakes as well. Will this eventually get better? She also sometimes does not feel like eating certain foods so will only have a few a bites. But when it’s something she picks or something she likes she doesn’t have a problem. She is also taking a medication called topiramate which is an anti-seizure medication and one of the side effects is weight loss, so that could also be the cause.

Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated!

Hello, I think you have to consult your Dr. with the prescription or if can be change due to what your mother is telling you.

UPDATE: My Dad contacted my mother’s neurologist and he said that the medication she is on does in fact cause weight loss, so to have to drink boost or ensure with her meals consistently to see if that helps and if not they will have to change her medication. It was easier to keep her weight up when she had the feeding tube in her stomach since they were feeding her several times a day and as much as they thought she needed to have.

I remember the time were my tube was already removed, It felt as if I’m free from my collar.That I can do what ever I want and eat everything that Smell`s good and appetizing though that was I think then’ but’ truth is it was very hard for me to chew foods that are not mashed or by a blender. My PT gave me some pointers with coping this challenge. I request my husband to buy jello or jelly any food that is sweet and soft to swallow. Everyday until I can eat more of what I crave for.