Dilantin (phenytoin)

Hi help.

I had a second aneurysm treated in December then had a seizure in January and am now on phenytoin for that. I am having difficulty keeping my levels in the therapeutic range. apart from the usual have been told spinach is bad. does anyone know if egg whites (or protein in general) or dairy lower levels? Or if gaining 2 kilos lower levels?

Help. this is driving me crazy. Have been on it fro 4 months now and am, weekly or fortnightly blood tests and am going away in a month. Worried because I can't get my levels right.



Hi Nancy,

Is there a chance your milligram level can be lowered now or perhaps changing to another anti-seizure medication might be worth a shot? Are you on any other meds besides the Phenetoin? Maybe talk to your doctor about changing up on a few meds--or maybe even eliminating the anti seizure med might be an option? Best of luck, Peace, janet

Hi Nancy

when I came home from surgery I was rushed back with a serious amount of seizures I think its status epileptus? I had one extra long absence seizure (don't remember coming home from hospital) 3 grand mal seizures didn't gain consciousness between these. they put me on phenytoin and Keppra. they stopped keppra as it gave me bad headache and then they had to stop the phenytoin as it was killing off my white blood cells, so after a very poorly week in isolation (to protect me from germs) I came home on Epilim Chrono 1000mg a day. I have had no more seizures but have gained 36lb in weight gone up 3 dress sizes :(


Hi Nancy...I wish I could help you...but I can't...just stopped by to wish you better days ahead...~ Colleen