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HELP! Seizure after surgery

I recently posted “Seizure after surgery”, I received much needed information and i am thankful. a new issue has come up: Prior to surgery the doctors told my mother to discontinue seizure medication. The seizure that occurred during recovery caused Hemorrhagic Stroke.

She needs acute care but no acute center will take her as she is unable sit on her own. the hospital is trying to move her out so they don’t have to care for her where she is, the only place she can go is a facility with rehab, that will make it so she is unqualified for acute care. Long story short I believe it is the hospital’s responsibility to rehab her enough for acute care, and they don’t want to do it. do i need to get legal involved i do not know where to turn. any advice is better than none!!

That is disappointing. I don’t know what is legal here, but maybe someone else does. The hospital my wife had did some therapy until she could go to an acute facility. It worked out nicely. She was just able to sit and ride in a wheel chair when they dismissed her. I hope you can pressure them to do what they should.