Warm welcome to new members

Hey y’all! We are catching up with housework and wanted to reach out to a whole list of members. If we haven’t welcomed, you, let myself or ModSupport know and we will rectify it. Until then, know each of you ensures this wonderful support group becomes better and stronger then the day before you joined!

@dsalas410 i don’t know which is worse, okay I do know, but a rupture and two teens, yikes! Really happy to read you’ve been able to get the various therapies, PT, OT, and ST can really help with getting our feet back under us. Depression can be something many of us experience not only after a rupture, but s9me with just knowing they have an aneurysm. Keep working away at everything you’ve been taught, talk to the doctor about depression and to us. We aren’t medical specialists, but we have been there or are there and can help be a sounding board.

@dante130 whenever we work with youth and one’s time is up taking their laughter and smile forever away is heart wrenching.to say the least. I hate you had to have this experience. We can kick ourselves down by all the what-ifs and woulda, coulda, shouldn’t to does absolutely no one any good. To work with people of any age, we really need to understand our limits in what we can control and what we cannot. It’s not a lesson easily learned. We hear you, some of us have suffered loss as well. Please reach out we are here.

@Barbee125 it’s a tough place for sure to not know and be told you need to wait. I hope by now you have completed the testing and have found a specialist. We have several Veterans in our support group and I won’t speak for them, I will let them do it when you post, But for me, a salute and a thank you for your service!

@Fitzter Welcome! I was happy to read you were able to have your 11mm aneurysm coiled before it ruptured, that’s always good news when it needs to be done. Compaction of coils is one of the things our surgeons keep an eye out for but there are many things you may be able to control to help prevent compaction. Read the numerous posts where it’s been discussed for a long time. If you have questions, start a new tooic. Looking forward to hearing from you!

@BFlores20 Welcome! Hopefully by now, your mother has been released and is doing well with recovery. Be patient to yourself, especially if you are her caregiver. Healing can be nerve wracking for family members, reach out and I’m sure many will come explain how they’ve worked through it.

@Rainbow1 Welcome or should I say bienvenue! (I cheated, looked it up). We can share a lot of personal experiences and what has worked for those members with unruptured aneurysms. Looking forward to hearing from you in a post, or try starting a new topic

@Karl we can support you with your brother, it’s a really great group you’ve found! There are more members than I can count on my toes and fingers that had very dismal outlooks only to progress remarkably well from what they or their loved ones were told initially. Don’t give up hope and I hope you reach out to them by starting a new topic under “General”.

Welcome @Luvmyboys1115, I realize this is late, I’m trying to catch up. I have been reading your input and you do a fine job, please keep it up. I love your avatar by the way.

@Robin64 Hey PA gal! Your profile page just does an amazing job shouting out how much being positive really helps all of us. Good to hear the headaches have subsided and hopefully the tremors will as well. Please remind us every now and then that we do need to stay positive and trust the team!

@JustAngela I’m guessing you’re phenomenally busy this time of year. When you get time to breath, rest and don’t mind posting I’m sure our members would love to hear more from you. I can think of many, many questions about having three aneurysms!

@Priyanka we can certainly count ourselves in a very fortunate group surviving an SAH is not an easy task. Hopefully you haven’t experienced too many side effects. Please join in on a topic or start a new one, would love to hear from you.

@treasurethelife oh my unusual stiff neck and headache for over a year?! Have the doctors determined you have a cerebral aneurysm or AVM? Did you rupture when you almost fell into the door? Really curious to learn more, hopefully I’ll see you posting or starting a new topic!

@Jules24b isn’t life amazing? Here you are a retired nurse having helped others for many years and along come some lifeguards to help you, absolutely phenomenal! Hope to hear one day about your family thinking six grandchildren might keep you on your toes…:joy:. Glad to read you haven’t incurred any physical issues after an SAH, if you don’t mind my asking, how are you coming along with cognitive issues? Looking foreword to reading more in a topic or post.

@LisaFrick you and your husband are quite the team! Everyone usually gasps at the amount of time a patient can be in hospital following a rupture, yet rarely think of the toll on the caregivers. We can feel the love and strength you have for him in your words. Simply amazing!

@Debn having to be put on the watching list can be more than aggravating. Hopefully, you’ve been reading many topics and posts on unruptured aneurysms. I’m guessing your doctor has told you to do all the regular things they’re so good at - handle stress, reduce caffeine, rest properly, exercise and all the other things. Why don’t you post a new topic and ask the members what they experienced? Thunderclaps are pretty common but there’s been members who have reported other symptoms.

@ScaredHopeful a newlywed in my book! Since you put up your profile, we outlined love if you would share the results by starting a new topic and don’t forget to tell us your story, many of us have memory issues so there’s a bit of forgetting going on.

@Nesselhauf12 Hey Sam! Having had ruptured and then finding out you have another aneurysm is frustrating and scary as all get out, isn’t it? Why don’t you start a new topic and ask the members who’ve also ruptured what they had, it may be the same, similar or can be very different for all sorts of reasons, Who is that cute adorable little guy? You both look like you’re having a ball!

Again a warm welcome to all of you from all of us! If you don’t see your name, be patient, like you, we all have a rare disease we are dealing with and some days, weeks, months can be better than others.