Welcome to the newbies week of Jan 30- Feb 5, 2021

This week we are happy to welcome a few new members:

We have @na1024 whose son has a recently discovered 4mm aneurysm and trying to deal with the news.

@Dizzykat has an aneurysm and was told that the buzzing may be caused by the aneurysm resting in a nerve or two, sure hope this can be rectified!

Another family member, @DebbieBowen5 is married and husband has experienced a ruptured aneurysm I believe. He has had two procedures, coiling and shunt. She feels alone and needs help which I’m positive the wonderful members here can offer!

Last but in no ways least, as everyone is equally important! We have @Marissa_59 Y’all really need to read her profile, ok I’ll let everyone know…she is a health ambassador of Modern Widow’s Club helping to guide other widows and she has also lived through a SAH just this past August!

Welcome aboard to all the new members, we are grateful you’ve joined our support group where wonderful members not only receive support but give it as well! We hope our experiences can help you and your experiences can help us.

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