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Hi, I am 5 months post rupture and coiling. The rupture happened while I was swimming, luckily I was rescued quickly by the lifeguards.
I have little or no memory of the next 2 weeks, just flashes of being in ICU.
Physically I have recovered well. But I am struggling to come to terms with it all psychologically. I have terrible insomnia, nightmares about drowning and am terrified it could happen again…Any tips on coping strategies would be much appreciated.

Hello everyone- Thank you for approving my membership.
My name is Diana- Family’s history with Aneurysms:
1.)Grandmother passed away at 69 with a rupture.
2.) Sister had her 1st rupture at age 25 and 2nd rupture at age 54. She survived both but is blind from the 1st and allergic to Dilantin and take phenobarbital for seizers.
3.) My father had his 1st rupture at 49 -his 2nd rupture while getting ductal cancer treatment and passed at age 82 on 2/10/2020.
4.)This past Thanksgiving as I went to the ER to check a visual disturbance they initially thought was a torn retina. A CT and later MRI showed 2 aneurysms 7MM on right side and a center 4 MM in middle center.

I am scheduled for 1 of 2 separate craniotomies/clipping: 1st the 7MM on 2/4/22.
2nd sperate craniotomy (They are on sperate systems) sometime in April 2022.
I am very lucky this happened and they were found.

They decided on 2 separate - smaller scars than if they did them both as well as shorter recovery time for the 2 alone. Wish me luck!

Thank you!

Hi, my name is Maris and I am 60 years old.

Thank you for allowing me to join this support group. I wish everyone of you well!

I had an unruptured 7.5mm cerebellum aneurism that was found last October 2021. I decided to go with the Woven Endo Bridge device. I have not returned to work (automotive design engineer) because of benign hypertension. I am not quite the same by way of feeling lightheaded, neck and back pain and balance issues. I am scheduled for my angiogram at the end of June.

I have noticed that most of the people in the group have been treated with coiling, stints and craniotomy’s. Is there anyone that has had the W.E.B device procedure? If so, can you please share your experience and how you are doing?

Hello…I think I’m typing in the right place…well I was disgnosed with a small 2mm aneurysm on June 30th 2022. I never thought in my pursuit to get a handle on my type 2 diabetis seeing several doctors ans finally a neurologist, I would be diagnosed with an aneurysm…my neurologist wants to see me in September after I have a CAT with contrast to see if its growing … course of action will be determined then . On my end, I have July and August to get in shape to hopefully reduce the aneurysm. I joind a gym and have changed my eating habits. But I’ve been cryng myself to sleep every night.I just can’t grasp this new reality.

Good Morning Everyone,
Just getting onboard here as I am the husband of a brain aneurysm survivor.
My wife had a double brain aneurysm September 18th 2010. I was at work but lucky her Aunt was home with her, and able to call for help quickly. She went to the hospital by ambulance, stabilized by drilling a hole in her head to relieve the pressure from the bleed, then life flight to bigger hospital to ICU.
Based on her condition, the staff expected her to be in ICU through December, but she came back from 5% survival odds and walked out to go home on October 30th 2010 :slight_smile :slight_smile:
That said, she is in generally good health with 12 or so meds she is now on, and we enjoy waking every day to feel the sun on our cheeks together. She does little of anything that she once did like house cleaning, cooking, driving, working, and she was good at all of those and loved doing them. But she is here.
General body functions are normal, she walks a bit wobbly, short term memory is now normal, she takes care of her own personal needs like dressing and using the bathroom. I or others do the cooking and bring her plate to her, as she has muscle spasms which she has dropped things, so better we do the transporting of the food :slight_smile:

Now, the crux of why I am here…she had her aneurysm at 47 yrs old, and has been unable to work since then. The medical staff told us to get her disability started, so I went to the local SS office to file the paperwork. They said she did not have enough work credits. We got all paperwork we could find, and alas she had an employer for 2 years that never paid into SS for any of the employees. No credits…UGH!
Ok, shot down and my income was enough so we let it slide.
Couple years later, Dr says we should be able to get her on disability, so down to SS office again. Now they said I make too much money, so she does not qualify…what?
This goes on about every 2 years we tried to get her disability, but no luck. Most recent is a month ago, we called one of those high profile SS law firms. Now they tell us if she has not worked within 5 years, there is no case to present to disability.
My work load has fallen to about 1/4 of what my income was years ago, and she feels there has got to be some way she can contribute financially, but we keep getting shot down at SS, now looks to be no hope but wait another 3 yrs for her to go on regular SS.
As I will be 62 this year, I can go on early SS, but we need insurance for her meds and Dr care. That will not be covered on my SS benefit, so I will need to keep pecking away till she is 65, before she has any medical benefit.
So…her Dr’s said post ICU release the computer games are great brain exercise. She sits at her desk, safe and stable, and me working remote at my desk 5 ft away, 24/7/365 and we are both good with that. I have a couple older Jeeps I do some wrenching on and that is my time, but still at home to be with her.
So my question for those who have been there done that…can I somehow get her disability figured out?
What are others out here having success with?
Please advise