Another big shout out to new members!

I hope all our members reach out and give a great big welcome to each other. Seems the entire world needs support and those of us with rare diseases probably more so than others…why don’t y’all say hey to each other?

@makenzie.bosworth Its is really tough to live so far away from family, especially when a health crisis arises. Your mother is and will remain for a good bit of time healing from a rupture. Why don’t you ask our members what they think might be a work around for you? They’ve got some brilliant ideas!

@Texan Howdy Neighbor! Sorry, I had to…. It sounds as if you had some major life changes after finding out about your aneurysm. Changes can often feel like losses before we get used to the new way of living. Our members are really good about suggesting adaptations that have helped them, please reach out.

@Kadams061391 Welcome! Young mother, wife and finding out an aneurysm exist can be a bit much. We have numerous members who are also parents of all ages. They are a wonderful source of support and we hope you reach out to them!

@Lucasm As if one hemorrhagic stroke wasn’t enough to deal with, they found another aneurysm. Yikes! There’s numerous members who have had a SAH and lived to tell the tale. Give them a shout by posting a new topic under General and see what they can share.

@CKDavis Glad to have you! Yep, talking is better and though we can’t talk to each other here, we can do second best and keep in contact with the written word. Just give folks time, members are in different time zones around the world and it can be the next day before someone responds. Hope you continue to heal well from your procedure!

@hellochann My goodness, you have a lot going on. I recall a few members that were also told there was nothing the docs could do. Stay strong, reach out to us by starting a new topic. There are many members who can help support and perhaps give suggestions on what course to take next…you will need to start a topic under General. Looking forward to it!

@alalioopioop Your user name seems like a song that’s back in my brain somewhere and I can’t find it. It can be troublesome to find a balance from the effects that aneurysms cause and it sounds as yours may have ruptured, but not sure. Our members know only to well the juggling of a professional life, financial stability or sudden lack thereof. And dealing with issues that may have been caused by procedures. I do hope you reach out and inquire, there’s a plethora of knowledge here…

@BrainBleed Welcome! Your profile story is short, sweet, to the point yet speaks volumes. We are glad you lived too! Come around whenever you get a chance, bound to be someone on as well.

@Noweapon1017 Wow, 2 aneurysms 30 years apart, both repaired and you are here to tell the tale, we hope! Welcome aboard and we hope to be reading your wisdom soon.

@sanxiaoma beautiful Los Angeles, I love the city and the county, but I’m probably biased. I’m really interested in hearing more of your story as I’m sure other members are as well. Please start a topic, introduce yourself, be prepared to receive and provide support, it’s what we are all about here!

@Chrisbg Youre in the same country as one of our beloved ModSupport folks, Merl! Merl’s been dealing with the “medicos” a good number of years. By now you would have had your MRI and the results. How are you doing?

@Sicklyone 3 aneurysms as if one wasn’t enough…ask away our new friend. The members here are the best of the best and yes I’m very biased with this feeling. We are happy you found . The best way to get what you need from the members is to start a new topic under General and give them time to respond.

Welcome @Moe How is your Dad doing today? Being in NSICU is probably less fun for family than the patient and it isn’t fun at all for a patient. We have many caregivers here, other countries call them carers. Reach out to them and please let us know how you’re handling all this…

@Tarsh you have a lot of life changes going on, we hope your children. And grandchildren are able to bring lots of joy and love into your life. While our members are really good at not judging, some may say certain life choices aren’t the best for an aneurysm. But they will say it with no offense intended and provide you with a lot of support as well, this is the best thing about the group! Start posting, ask questions, there’s an unimaginable amount of of life experience.

@missriss yes ma’am you are a survivor! We hope you come and tell us your story. If you need help reach out to myself or ModSupport with a PM

Again welcome, welcome, welcome from all of us here!