Vigorous excercise

I'm looking for research on brain aneurysm and vigorous excercise. I have taken up 5K racing and so far have run 4 races, placing twice in my age category. I am looking to improve my time to under 30 minutes which requires more speed specific training, Sooooo, I was looking for research on excercise on existing aneurysms. Couldn't find anything. Any thoughts, personal experiences, information??

Paula- I exercise regularly- weight training and cardio- vigorously at times. I never thought much of it until I was reading a different post on exercise just my recollection, I was never given any limitations (maybe because they didn't think I could anything? who knows?) If I don't exercise, my spasticity issues are quite evident- this is the main reason why I exercise (and to keep fit) I would ask your Dr's....Good luck! D

I walk every day Paula...about 4 to 5 miles and 3 times a week I do weights and cardio...I follow this "rule of thumb" if it pulls on my neck and head...I don't do it...but I think your question may be better addressed with Doctor...~ Colleen

Paula, I was lifting weights several years ago when I experienced a slight tear in a fusiform aneurysm which I did not know I had. Before the incident I lifted weights in some form five days a week and competed in sprint triathlons. Obviously my entire lifestyle changed. I now do a brisk two mile walk each day and exercise using resistance bands which work awesome. For my situation my Dr advised against running for prolonged periods, and advised me not to lift more than 25 pounds. Maybe he is playing it safe, I don’t know. Best to you.

hi paula! I would ask your dr--there are many factors to consider like what level of damages occurred, cardio condition and type and location of repaired vessels to name a few. Start with your family dr and if you aren't comfortable with their replys ask the neurosurgeon, we must be our own advocates generally. Just doing my step up exercises makes my heart pound. I can't imagine running! but that's just me. I also do the stretch bands and ankle weights/ leg raises, marching. I think low impact, toning exercises are best for us but i'm no physical therapist!! lol oh btw do you have a pt? I even called mine from 2 yrs ago and asked about local therapy who plateaued me and she said I could try slowly increasing reps~~~~

Thank-you all for your thoughts and feedback. I have contacted my primary care doctor who recommends not exceeding 140 BPM. Seems arbitrary since I haven't seen the doc in over a year and he has no baseline info. I am pressing for better information based on real data that is about ME not some number extracted from some table based on general information. The neurosurgeon wrote me off over 11 years ago and told me (via his assistant) not to contact him unless I am symptomatic. The neurologist who first treated told me to "Go live your life. There's nothing more that can be done". I don't much like or trust doctors. It seems that low blood pressure is key to protecting the aneurysm. Exercise definitely helps with that. I have only been advised not to lift extremely heavy weights. So I lift moderately heavy weights only. Anyway, I'm in holding pattern for now. I appreciate your stories.