I need to get fitter, will exercise increase the risk of a burst?

I'm 47, 5'11'' and 11 stone (154 lbs) so I'm about bang on for BMI, I don't smoke and rarely drink, I try and eat healthy, no red meat at all, and try and keep away from fats and sugars, but I do not have any stamina. my job is quite sedentary and I don't exercise at all. Last time I had my BP measured it was perfect and my resting pulse rate is on the low side of normal. I've Just been diagnose with a 9mm annie in my MCA, which I'm minded to leave atm.

Just want to know what the general thinking is, will starting an exercise regime increase any risk I may be at?

This is a very good question. I really think only a Doctor should answer it. Please consult your neurologist about exercise.

Good Luck! Just give them a call with your question.


I exercise by walking twice a day and cardio about 3 days a week and swimming...I have a 9mm annie, but it was coiled and one behind my left eye they are watching...now other than walking when I found out I had the 9mm I was told not to do any heavy lifting, etc., walking was fine, etc., I have exercised all my life...I feel since your aneurysm hasn't been fixed and that you don't exercise ... you need to clear this with your neurologist...talk to them before any exercise...~ Colleen

Hi Paul,

The exercise challenge group was created to encourage us to get some exercise. As Tiffany wrote, you should double check with your doctor for any restrictions that are applicable to you personally. What I’ve been told is that walking is the best exercise. I have lived with unruptured aneurysms all of my adult life and I do exercise as much as I can. One could classify me as a “recovering couch potato”, though.

Please consider joining our group.


thanks everyone, I will contact my consultant and see what he advises. Staying positive, I used to play golf so maybe I'll take that up again.

I did see your group after I posted this Carole but had to rush as I was late for work