Vertigo & Seattle Area Neurologist

Hi y’all :slight_smile:
Well this year’s episodes- lol! Vertigo arrived in December and still bothers me. Was told at 1st it was a virus, Ebley manuvours seemed to help, but still comes in waves & triggered by reading this small iphone, moving my eyes & head up & down, side to side quickly. It came on strongly when doing downward facing yoga positions. I like to dance too & have to be careful with spin motions. Meclizine- anti motion medicine seems to help, but adds to the fatigue & fog. Been fighting frustration and depression. I haven’t been sleeping well either, but sleep meds & herbs give me a hangover & foggy brain. Red wine ironically seems to help with the vertigo, but I can’t start my day with wine!
My gut tells me with the pressure on my left optic nerve from the original rupture, now left periphial vision problems, and 5 plates, mesh, at least 17 screws, jaw muscle cut, cuts in my skull that still have tender spots & a feeling of tightness & pressure on that left side, tight & pain in left side of neck, that my brain is still adapting a year after surgery & there’s damaged spots & nerves & all that hardware is causing my current episodes!
I saw an ENT who suspects it’s brain not ear, so going to have tests. I have gone on & on again! Thanks for reading :slight_smile: Despite my challenges, I am determined, grateful and thankful! My question is a recommendation for the best Seattle area Neurologist?


I have an awesome Neurosurgeon in Seattle. I would recommend him over my Neurologist that I saw in Kirkland. My Neurosurgeon is Dr. Laligam Sekhar.

Best of luck.


Thanks for replying! Dr Sekhar did my surgery! Good guy, but I wasn’t happy with the followup. I ask alot of questions & know I can be a pain in the arse, but I think the clinic is more about the actual surgeries, not addressing resulting problems & deficits. As my understanding is neurologists focus on all the brain issues, think I need a neurologist at this point.

Amazing how many of us have vertigo issues...Karri I am so glad you are seeing a neurologist...esp after the ENT ruled out ear issues...Keep us posted ~ Colleen

Thanks Colleen! Yea i didn’t connect it until 8 months of it now & helped by the others here also suffering vertigo. I hope medical folks are paying attention to our collective experiences living the unknown data! :slight_smile:

My neurologist keeps insisting that my dizziness is not related, I have had dizziness since April of 2013, aneurysm coiled November 2013...still dizziness with gait disturbance...I walk off to the left all the time. I really wish these Drs. would read this board...way too many having dizziness and visual problems.

I totally agree!