Vertigo and dizzy spells after coiling?


I had coiling for an unruptured aneurysm on Sept 17th this year and was back to work within a week, feeling really good.

This past week I've experienced vertigo when getting up from bed and now daily spells of dizziness - an almost constant 'floaty' 'off' feeling. It's really annoying and preventing me from driving or working. I am seeing an ENT doctor on Thursday to diagnose the problem. Could this be an after-effect of my coiling surgery by any chance? Has anyone else had dizziness after surgery? Thanks. Donna

Hi Donna - I had lots of vertigo after my coiling in March 2012. Lived with it until 2 months ago when I saw my ENT. I will put the link on here for their website and you can read up on what I was diagnosed with...what was cool was that he was able to treat me right in the office and I walked out of there feeling better than I had in over a year...never knew I had crystals in my ears. Hopefully yours can be an easy fix too - keep us posted.

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Oh Donna this has been an ongoing issue for me...I have had so much balance issues...because of being dizzy ... and all since my coiling...of course, the Neurologist felt it wasn't related...but after I went through Balance/Vertigo tests and I passed...they now think it is my aneurysm and the location...but truthfully nothing has been done for me...and I can't drive because of the dizzy I feel so much for you...please let us know what the ENT says to you...may be helpful for me and others...~ Good luck...Colleen

Thanks Mary & Colleen - I will keep you posted.


Hi Donna,

I had my unruptured anurysm coiled in May this year. I had very low blood pressure after my surgery and A&E diagnosed me, less than a week later, with postural hypotension. My balance is really bad some days. I have been told to drink a glass of water before I get up from bed every morning as this regulates blood pressure. Mine is still low and I'm still not back driving.

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Hello Eve & Everyone:

The ENT was a useless article - he didn't help AT ALL and I left feeling even more confused than when I went in. I went to see a physiotherapist for a test and treatment. She tested me for BPPV and on my left side I tested positive. She did the positional treatment for the left side. When I left her office I felt some improvement. I am going for my third treatment today and it does take multiple treatments sometimes to move the dislodged calcium deposits (crystals) back into place. I am not 100% but much better overall and feeling more positive. All the doctors agreed that I should get another MRA as soon as possible to check for bleeding in the brain; so that is my next step. I won't resume normal life until the tests are all complete and the dizzy spells have stopped - it's too risky.

Hi Donna...I am so glad for your update...some time ago...I saw and ENT and felt the same...but I didn't want to discourage you and/ or anybody because every one is different...I am glad the physiotherapist is able to help some and that will be getting an MRA...will keep you close in prayers ~ Colleen

hi Donna! yes I did but I had rupture sah, still dizzy and very poor balance and tinnitus. good move seeing the ENT- we need all the experts we can get by our sides! Also I was recoiled and on day 2 I felt so lousy I called them and the nurse denied any possible connection and said I probably had the flu!!!! not sure i'm buyin that! Who knows? not me! hmmm you mentioned dizzy when arising- this happened to me and it got worse every day, even lying down I would be spinning- it was an inner ear infection and the amoxicillin cured it - keep aware and go to the doctor- I just went to pcp doc he diagnosed quickly, we must be our own advocates. I am so thankful those spinning dizzies went away- very scary and I feared they would send me to the nueros in the city. Hang in there, let us know and we'll keep you in thoughts and prayers! UPDATE--just saw your update--so sorry the Ent didn't help-- wow no ones dr said inner ear???