Anyone Experiencing Vertigo with Unruptured Aneurysm?

Anyone Experiencing Vertigo? I am on watch and wait for my 2mm annie. Freaking out every day. I feel like a jerk because it could be so much worse but things are tough. I cannot sleep and have been experiencing vertigo. I don't want to disrupt my life and my job but there is this persistent fear of impending doom. I am single and childless. My sweetheart lives 2.5 hrs away. Anyway, I'm sure you ALL understand the fear. I keep telling myself to buck up and be an adult. Got to learn to rely on faith and not allow fear to overcome me.

That's what sent me to the ER. I had vertigo so bad that I couldn't walk without banging into walls. The hospital didn't know what was causing it and did an MRI along with a bunch of other tests. The MRI revealed an aneurysm. My doctors told me that an annie won't cause dizzyness but I don't know how sure I am about that. I was found to be extremely dehydrated as well so that might have caused it.

Are you drinking more caffeine because that can lead to dehydration. You may want to have your potassium checked.

take care of yourself girlie, you'll get through this!

Hi Susan...Perhaps "talk therapy" would help you out...and/or anxiety medication...many of us are on "watch and wait"...and you can't let it control your life...because then you aren't living life...

As far as Vertigo...I have had balance issues before my annie...they improved somewhat with my coiling...but have been bad as of late...

I fought dizziness my whole life. I can remember having dizzy spells as a child. Kind of odd that they say the dizziness has nothing to do with the aneurysm. I beg to differ with them. It seems to be a common symptom among those of us who have had aneurysms. I still have veritgo from time to time with my annie being clipped. I also have high blood pressure, maybe that has something to do with it also. I keep a prescription for Antivert on me at all times. It does help. Lately I have been taking Benydryl at night for some allergies and to help me sleep and I don't seem to be as dizzy when I lay down. Mine would tend to start when I laid on my back and turned my head to the left. My brain surgery was on the right. I don't have a shunt , so sometimes I think I have a little fluid builds up, hence, the benydryl probably helps dry some of that up. I am no doctor or pharmacist, but it works for me. I do know that when I get anxious my blood pressure goes up and that does make me feel light headed and I get that fear of impending doom you talked about. I think what you are feeling is probably anxiety from all that has been thrown at you. Try to relax and keep your mind occupied, that helps me. I try to take some deep breaths when I feel that anxious feeling coming on. Hang in there and know that you are not alone in what you are feeling.

Hi Susan, Yes, dizziness seems to be a common denominator for many of us. The doctors will tell you that many of your symptoms are not related. I believe more studies are needed. Anyway, please know it is normal to be overwhelmed right now. Hope this helps, Mary

Hello Susan, the reason my annies were found was because I was having “visual” migraines. A failed crainiotomy and 3 coilings later I still get them but not quite as often. Ever since I had the procedures I have noticed every now and then I get a very strange feeling that lasts for just a few minutes but is odd and scares me. All of the sudden I feel very dizzy and light headed and my vision seems as though it overlaps. Not sure if that would be vertigo or not but when I first noticed it I called Dr. Malek’s office and they suggested I go down early for my yearly check up. Had MRI/MRA and all was stable. I think we all have fear and anxiety but as time passes you learn to handle it better. By the time I finished the procedures I was on zoloft, colonapin and sleeping pills until I felt I got a grip! After a couple months I stopped the meds and have been doing much better! I’m so glad to have found this site, I believe it helps a lot to share your experience with others who can understand first hand how you may be feeling! Hang in there, Hugs, Cindy

don’t think about so, much i prayer for you keep buzy and follow up with your doctor.