Talked to My Doctor

Today is two weeks since my surgery and except the right eye problems I am feeling good.

I called the nero doctor yesterday about my eye problems. He returned my call today and said that this can take some time but will call me again next Tuesday morning and if it has not gotten better he will call the eye specialist himself to get me in. He thinks that I am doing Great and that my vision should return to normal again but this could take some time.

I trust him so I think I will go with his feelings that all will return to normal soon...:)

Your all in my thoughts!!!


That’s Great Kimberley. I’m glad all is well. Stay upbeat. All things will work out for good.

Hello Kimberly, Let me first start by saying that you are a mircalce and I’m glad your doing well except for your eye issue. Please help me with a couple of questiones. I have suffered headaches most of my life and seem to worry alot about them. Please tell me your symptoms of your unruptured aneurysm if you had any at all. I worry often about this because I get really bad headaches along with pain in my right eye that often feels painful around my cheek and around eye itself. I worry I will colapse from an aneurysm. My dr dosen’t take me serious when I tell him I am worried sick and my grandfather collapsed of one and died. Any advice and knowledge would be helpful. Thank You in advance. Julie

Hi Julie,

Personally it sounds to me like you need to get another doctor. Any doctor that does not listen to their patient I have a problem with. I had headaches for several years but never once did I think it could be because of an aneurysm. There is a family history of aneurysms and honestly is only because after my mother was discovered to have two of them in her head and one in her stomach that my sister’s doctor told her that all of my mother’s kids should be checked. My sister called me one day and told me that she had an MRA and was found to have less then a 2mm aneurysm and that it sits in a place where the doctors are not very worried about it and are just going to watch it. I called my doctors here and asked what they thought I should do, my doctor said I should be checked and 3 hours after my MRI my doctor called me back and said that they found I had an aneurysm that was larger then 6mm and they she had already been in contact with a Nero specialist. Within two months from that date I was in the hospital to have surgery to clip it. My nero doc says that it’s taken care of now and that I should never have to worry about it again.
I feel for you and honestly believe that you know your body better then anyone else.
Now let me ask a few questions. Have you had an MRI (MRA) or CT scan?
Do you know if you have an aneurysm?
A family history is a very good reason to be checked for aneurysms.
Keeping you in my prayers and hoping that you get the answers you deserve…


will keep you in my prayers for continued recovery and sustaining sound mind and physical well being…glad your doing so good…

I must be missing a large part of this thread. is this your only post or is there another? Have you ever had an aneurysm? or been diagnosed with anything as far as your headaches go?
I myself just two weeks ago had my unruptured aneurysm that had leaked coiled and a stent on an emergency bases done. Two years ago I started suffering from horrible headaches I was diagnosed with high pressure in my brain also known as encepalitis, all the normal treatments for this condition have not helped my headaches at all. Now most people do not have symptoms from un ruptured aneurysms but what they had failed to see was the start on my MRI in 08 of the aneurysm with high pressure already in my head any added pressure I would be very sensitive to. So two years later headaches worse. two weeks ago I thought someone shot me in the head the pain was horrible, it lasted about 30 minutes unbelievable pain. I was on a trip, it died down to a stabbing throb. double vision and the throbbing was in one spot unlike my pressure headaches. two days later when I returned home I called the doctor and insisted on an MRI and there was a 5mm aneurysm deep in on the right side. it had leaked so they did surgery that day. I still have a throbbing headache they say due to the surgery and the leak but it should get better and now my hair is falling out due to the radiation . but Im alive. I was lucky I had the warning headache I knew it was very different and I seeked help most of all I have doctors that listened to me or this would have ended very differently.

Hello Kimberly, I have had both an MRI and CT scan in the past but without contrast. Both came back negative. I do have good news, my dr. agreed to schedule me a CT scan but this time with contrast. The only problem I see with this that it’s costing me $600.00 because I do not have insurance. I will have to pay for it just to ease my mind and to find out what the heck is causing these annoying headaches. Kimberly, do you know if an aneurysm can be found on an MRI or CT scan without contrast? Thank You for talking to me, I have not been able to eat or sleep thinking about what if today is the day I collapse! God Bless You. Julie