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I was being treated for vertigo, it wouldn't go away, Doc's said it was sinus. Went to Another Doc He ordered MRI. One Aneursym was found. Had the scope up the groin they found five Aneursyms. Had to go to Ny for a pipe line stent from Michigan. I am still having a lot of problems. Hole in the artery and damaged nerves. Very bad eye problems The wooshing noises none stop, which they say is normal and don't know when it will go away. Been about three months. I will go for open brain surgery in about another three months, to have one clamped. Then I have three left each one is in a different part of the brain so they can only do one at a time. The test they do is just like a small surgery, I had five so far aniograms in the last 4 months. Surgery can be very scary, and we all want to be Feeling Well.. Just have faith..You cann't control any out come. Any doc that does this knows what they are doing. I myself does not want to go through any of this. I am on plavix and 325mg asprin a day. Tired and still moving slow.
Where did you hear about this web site?
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Hi Wanda, and welcome to BAF. I'm so sorry to read about your hardships- but as you say, these doctors know what they are doing. All I can say is that we;ll be here for you, I keep you in my prayers and wish you all the best. It takes a bit of time , I'm still moving slowly as well, some days are worse than others of course.


Hi Wanda!! I can relate to some of your story. Initially, my neurologist said I had migraines and vertigo, but he also ordered and MRI and CAT scan. Thank God he did because the CAT scan is what showed to be 2 aneuryms. I'm having a coiling procedure done on July 2nd and the smaller aneurysm is a "watch and wait." This was the recommended treatment plan by my surgeon after an angiogram. I'm so sorry for the compications and surgeries you need to go through. You are absolutely right to "have faith!" I know this is how I feel and no matter one's personal situation, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. Please know you are in my prayers and I'm wishing you well. Hope you have a speedier recovery. God be with you. Joan

Hi glad you shared your story...originally when all this started for me...I had vertigo...and I see many with the same story... You are still in the early stages of healing... you have my prayers .. ~ Colleen


Wow, you have been through a lot! You seem to have a great attitude and outlook that will keep you moving forward. Fatigue improves with time. Keep the Faith!!

Prayers for successful outcomes!


Hello Shuana Thank you for the welcome to BAF

I know I have a lot to go through yet and trying to keep up with good thoughts about it all.

I feel more sadden for everyone else who is going through this. Wish you Well!!

HI Joan

I Guess we can thank God we didn't wait for the major headache they talk about and they

where found. Agree to that LIGHT.

Prayers go out to you and your loved ones.

Good Day Colleen

I think its shocking on how many people have them.

I was also told If you were not in a major accident, that the new study shows

people are born with them and is or can run in families. Anyone hear of that?

Best Wish's of Wellness to YOU

Hello Karen

I am glad the fatigue improves , I will be going through more, but I guess I have to

so I will push on. Never the less I have my down days, YOU know the crying, and scared of

what is comming next. Although I try to fight that and get back to positive thinking.

May Better Health be with you!