Symptoms after PED and TIA

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I have two PED. The first procedure was on April 2017 and the second one on August 2017. in the big aneurysm, in addition of the PED, i had coiling/stent. I had a TIA on September 2018. My neuroradiologist says I am able to have a normal life and can do anything like before. The neurologyst, told me i should not do Yoga, high cardio, keep my blood pressure controlled, and avoid stressful situations, and even recommend to work part time. After the procedures and TIA, I do not feel the same. I get tired easily, low concentration, hard to get to the same speed I used to at work (office job, I am a CPA). I continuously have brain pressure (like twice per month), when I tried to do some exercise ,work on deadlines at work and/or stressful situations. I did not have those symptoms before. Does someone has some of those symptoms after an unruptured treated brain aneurysms?

Hi mrsrakelvey,
I had one pipeline stent put in 2011. No problems, back to work full time in 3 weeks-teaching second graders. Tired but doable. A long pipeline stent put in 2017 for 2 aneurysms. One and a half years later and I’m 90-95 % recovered. I had zero sense of smell and taste, a nerve exploding headache for weeks, no short term memory, and any stress (real or imaged) made everything worse!! I was a mess!! I mean A MESS!!! And all of this due to unruptured aneurysms! I thank God that I was retired because I would not have been able to go back to work. I had no issues prior to having this procedure.
I still have one remaining aneurysm that they want to clip. Right now I am watching it and getting it checked once a year. I live by your neurologist recommendations. I also walk 2 to 4 miles a day with my 2 dogs, garden, kayak, enjoy my grandkids and my kids and husband, all at my own pace. Life…just a little modified. Take care, Autumn

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Thank you Autumn. It is helpful hearing from someone with similar experiences and symptoms

I can tell you that this is my 10th year from my major surgery. I had a blood clot at the base of my brain and 3 anny’s that need clipping. I made it through this major surgery but I was in a coma for 2 weeks before I came out and woke up.
I will tell everyone that when you are in a coma, you can still hear everything that’s going on but you can’t talk back. I tell everyone to please talk to anyone that’s in a coma it helps us want to wake up.
It’s going to take you a couple of years to get your energy back and not being so tired all of the time. Everyone is different some come back quickly and others it takes time.
Just keep at it. You well get better good luck and keep working, about the headaches they are going to stay with you for a couple of years.


Everyone surely has a different experience! My wife (7.5 years ago) reported that she knew of nothing until she managed to fall out of bed after she’d been in the hospital over a month. She didn’t hear anything, have any visions–she was just out. Hers was a rupture, an emergency, and everything at that point was for survival.

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Hi i had my unruptured aneurysm treated last October. I had a few complications after with my eyesight. Took 4 months to decide it was silent migraine auras. I did return to work in February but was sooooo tired I felt like crying. I consequently got signed off again and am still off. I get up early and get my jobs done. Then by lunch time I am ready for bed and sleep for 2 to 3 hours. I have a pre-op tomorrow for my next angiogram. I feel that life will never be the same.

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I had a PED and coils in March 2012 and more PED added on in December the same year (large 23mm Annie in the vertebral/basilar artery area). Unruptured Annie that was treated twice. I was a mess too, all sorts of symptoms. No filter (I was embarrassed to be in public as I didn’t hold back any thoughts lol), both long and short term memory problems, extreme fatigue, brain fog, not being able to find words to use, etc. I now know I was dealing with iron deficiency and vitamin D deficiency at some point but wasn’t diagnosed until last year. Not sure how long I’d had those issues or how much it affected my recovery. I had headaches galore as well - sharp stabbing throbbing ones right where the Annie is located, for which no meds would allay. It’s taken years for me to get to where I feel normal.


I did have a ruptured Annie 15 yrs. ago. It was coiled and after my stroke, had stents placed. I had many TIAs caused by two unruptured Annie’s. I then had them clipped. Since that surgery, I too experience tiredness, am not back to the hetic, frenzy as before. I do get some pressure, but it passes. We have to accept our new normal and not dwell on Before. I am so thankful I open my eyes every day.


Thank you for sharing

It is why my Journal was so important to me as I experienced many issues after my rupture. I just hit my 5 year milestone. My journal served me well as I compare myself now and at year one. Many of my unusual issues have either calmed down, acclimated or barely noticeable while others remain after 5 years. You can write down and note what environments that you have issues with and devise strategies or make adjustments to your daily life. I am prone to visual vertigo. I know exactly what environment will trigger it.

Some examples to jot down: at what point does your exercise effect you? (5 min vs 10 min vs 20 min) Or When does fatigue set in at work? (1 hour mark, 4 hour mark. Currently, I am going through vision therapy to correct my double vision which impacts my reading speed. I am timing how long I can read before giving up. In my journal, I made improvement from 1 min to 5 min of continuous reading. Good luck. Hope that you have a speedy recovery.