One week since my PED

I can’t believe it is already a week since having my PED. I have had lots of good days, but today has been a down day. I had 2 bad dizzy spells yesterday an have felt very light headed or strange since and have had a stiff neck & shoulders but I think that is because I don’t want to move my head.
I have had some positive days, on Tuesday my daughter took me to see my beautiful 8 month old grandson have a swimming lesson (so cute) then my 3 daughters took me out for lunch.
Yesterday morning I baked a tray of muffins, which I think was an achievement.
Today I have cried, ached and felt sorry for myself. Tomorrow I will be positive and smile and be me again.
I am sure we all have these days, I know I am not alone.

It's been 3 weeks since my clipping of Basilar Tip aneurysm that was leaking...I have very similar days...I count my blessings though, I'd much rather experience days like this than the alternative! We just have to go with the flow and learn the new us and find out what helps us in the healing process. I find when I feel like that, just going to lay down, head propped up and listening to some soft music with deep slow breaths help a lot. Are you having insomnia, I am...although, I find that sleeping from 12:00am to 6:00am today an achievement! Let's see what today has in store for us.

I am feeling tired and having early nights, but wake 3 or 4 times. I agree I have to lern to,liv with this new life and go with the flow. Take one day at time.

Hi Lynn,

I’m impressed that you are already up and baking. Thanks be to God for your good treatment outcome.

As others have written you will have good days and bad days. When you are having a bad day, please look at a picture of your beautiful grandson and give thanks. :slight_smile:

Please be careful not to hold your neck too rigidly. Not moving your neck naturally can result in a lot of pain and neurological symptoms that will really frighten you. This I can say from experience. :frowning:

Take care.


Hi Lynn and welcome!

First and foremost, you just had brain surgery so rest, rest and REST!!! You are so new to your recovery and I think as women we tend to think we are not capable of slowing down. However, I cannot express enough to people that have had the PED that even though it is a less invasive surgery than say a clipping, you still have gone through brain surgery! I am almost 1 year since my PEDs (I have two which they call telescoped) were put in (June 8, 2011) and there are some days that I still get really tired! I also have another annie that is on watch and wait for growth. I just celebrated my first "annie"versary of my annies being found last week. I know that you have just recently joined the PED Group so I encourage you to read and post there if you'd like, as we have tons of information and insight from those of us who have already gone through the PED surgery.

I also encourage you, and all new members, to read a Letter from your Brain which can be found here: Share it with your family and friends, as it lets you get an idea of what your journey is going to be like in the upcoming months and years.

Best wishes to you and I'll keep you in my prayers,


Thanks Nikki, PED like Jo said is a pipeline embolism device, or another type of stent ev3 is the type that I have. I have no coils just 2 telescoped stents, so that it is double at the annie so no blood can get in. Thank you for your support definitely a good day on the way.
Hugs :0)

Thanks Jo, I am s glad of the support that I have here at home but also from everyone in the support group. My family are wonderful but you all understand what I am going through or we are going through together. I am feeling much better today. Being in Australia I am probably just getting up as you are going to bed. I was probably a bit ambitious making muffins but they were enjoyed and it did give me a little bit of comfort that I will be ok soon.
Hugs :0)

Thanks Elke, I am defiantly feeling that hug.
Return hugs to you all :0)

Thank Carole, yes I know about holdin my neck rigid but sometimes I cannot help it an I di suffer yesterday, I have had a good nights sleep and am a lot more relaxed today.
I love cooking, so it has been hard keeping away from the kitchen and homemade muffins are so nice. Lime and coconut muffins went down very well.
I have been amazed at my treatment even how I felt straight after the procedure I don’t know what I expected but I felt so good.
I love my grandson so much, I know those of you who are grandparents will understand that amazing feeling, I can’t wait till I can pick him up again and play with him properly again.
Thanks again everyone.
Hugs :0)

Thank you Linda, I also have two which are telescoped, I know now how much I mustn’t do so I will be taking it easy baby steps for a while yet.
I am doing a lot of reading to understand all of this, as my three daughters will all have to undergo cta scan as this is probably an inherited condition, I lost a brother to this 28 years ago.
I thank the group for all the support and in return hope that I am able to give some support back.
Hugs :0)

Hi Lynn...Don't be so hard on is an emotional roller coaster ride...embrace the good days and rest on the bad days...Your brain is still healing from your surgery...Gotcha in my Thoughts ~ Colleen

I am three weeks post PED. I still have occasional dizzy spells and not back to full energy yet. The headache have eased this week though. I still tire easier. Each day seems a little better. It will just take time. Keep your spirits up! Rest when your body tells you too. Give your brain and yourself time to heal. It will happen for all if us. We just need to be patient

Prayers and hugs,

Every new experience with the PED gives us more information for those of us who follow with the surgery. I feel blessed every time a new member gives us their info on surgery, recovery and everything in between! Thank you for sharing with us!



My granddaughter lives with us and is a ray of sunshine each day! Some days I do wonder if I will feel " normal ’ again. Then I think …"Kelly you had brain surgery!’ Then I cut myself some slack. With the PED we don’t have visible scars. I think that is why I thought it would be a breeze getting back to normal. I was wrong. Normal will come back in its own time. On the brain’s and body’ s terms. That much I have learned in the last three weeks. It will return for you too, try and be patient and be happy and enjoy the little accomplishments that happen daily :slight_smile:

Best wishes

Perfectly said Kelly!!!

Thanks Kelly,
Yes normal will come back in its own time, yes I think that because we have no external scars we feel that we should be able to just get back out there. I thought the same that it would be a breeze but it is not.
Believe me I am fine, having lovely walks around the garden chatting with family & friends, actually sitting back relaxing and taking time out is something we never do anymore but should. I am in no hurry.
Hugs :0)

Hi Nikki, feeling pretty good today the best so far. No plans we usually go for a drive on Sunday. The family came for diner last night. I have 3 daughters one still at home, doing nursing at UWS. One in the police force in country NSW, she has been home a couple of weeks and is going home next week, my eldest has just gone back to work after having our first grandchild he is a very cute 8 month old. Looks like his dad.
Thanks have a lovely day
Hugs :0)

I love being a granny it is so special. Tell them not to lleave It to late too have children you can always travel later or take h kids with you.
I love watching English documentaries, like Time team and history shows, but I also like those old comedy shows as well, I have been doing some knitting and I might try some sewing next week.
Nice chatting.
Hugs :0)

Hello, yesterday was a bad day for me also had neck pain sholders face still swollen will be a month tomorrow since the clipping.

I try not to complain and think positive.

Thanks all for your support