I had a 5.5 mm aneurysm rupture mid-July 2011. It was subsequently coiled. I am back to normal with no deficit. Nevertheless I am frequently tired and was wondering if other survivors have this issue too. Thanks. Susie

Hey Susie,just a quick note as i am off to my angiogram.Tired,fatigue,and exhaustion just to name a few.I would have to take a nap just from taking a nap!lol!Seriously tho i would take many naps so listen to your body when it says u need the rest.When i finally returned to work I would have to take a nap after work just to make it a few more hours before bed time. I am still in bed and usually asleep by nine at night but I also get up at five in the morning.It also seems as a lot of us have sleep interuption or erractic sleep patterns so hang in there because alot of our ability to fight also comes from a good nights sleep!

yes to all of the bove,im always too tired to do the exercises but i get a "second wind".When i had the sinus infection it was so bad i skipped the ex's then i got the guilty's.It's a viscous cycle when your so exhausted you have to rest then from so much rest you can;t sleep and then your extremely exhausted- i pray for us all to get the sleep so we can heal-your friend ron ps also it helps me to find small projects to do like walking to the mailbox,this helps mentally especially

Hi Susie...This is a common complaint by all of us...esp in the beginning of the healing journey...you aren't even 1 year since the rupture...and your brain is still healing requiring more rest...You have my Thoughts...Colleen

Susie, My aneurysms did not rupture. I had them stented & coiled Feb 2011 and then had a sub arachnoid hemmorhage in the beginning of March 2011. The fatique is life consuming for me, I just cannot get out of bed. I went back to work full time Sept 2011 and was feeling great and other than neuropathy in both of my arms & legs, well on Oct. 11th the numbness & tingling turned into extreme pain. The doc offerec me neurotin but refused and worked through the pain and now I just have an constant ache in my arms and legs and I am exhausted. The docs keep trying to tell me that it is depression, so finally I tried several different anti-depressants which made me more tired, confused, and depressed. I also had severe chest pains. I am not sure where to turn next. My job depends on me getting well and this is so frustrating.

Hi Susie,

My aneurysm was clipped almost 43 years ago and my most persistent issue all these years has been tiredness. The meds are the chief contributors. While I try very hard not to miss taking my anti-seizure med, one way that I have been able to tell that I have missed it for a day is that I have more energy!!!!

I've refused a lot of meds for "relief" of my nerve pain (another problem) because they :maaake mmeee taallk likke thiisss" and zap me of my energy. It's easier to deal with the discomfort than the way the meds make you feel. When I discussed this with my PCP, he said that there are certain classes of drugs that cause these problems.

The thing I looked forward to and an enjoying most about my retirement is that I can sleep as long as I want. :-)

Good luck to you!


hi carol-hope you are doing well,i was wondering were you on neurotin for pain? thats what i was on & i told my pcp that they weren;t working so he doubled up the dosage and it was no better he then weaned me off them entirely which i was glad to do since i thought it would be helpful because of the side effects BUT that didn't help either.Early on my therapists would ask me what my pain level was & i didn;t know what they were talking about-i would say 0 or1.i think i was so numb i had no pain,but now i have pain maybe level 7 or8 but it;s tolerable-please reply if you feel up to it-if not don;t worry i'm just curious-ron

Thank you everyone for your responses. It is nice to communicate with people who have experienced the same thing as me. I have noticed that I can’t do too much or I will be wiped out for days. In addition, I am a teacher, which is stressful even for ‘normal’ people. Thanks again and my best to all of you.

Hi Susie: Welcome, you will find pretty much anything you need to know here. The people are great and the thoughts and prayers are in abundance. I had a rupture & coil in Dec. 2011 and the fatigue was the one thing that took so long to overcome, otherwise I had no deficit either. I know we all react differently but I believe that for most, it just takes time. Let us know how you are making out.


Kathy, I am so sorry to read this...

Do you know / remember why you were stented?

In brief, the FDA approval is for use of stents concomittant with coiling of wide-neck aneurysms; unless there are any new approvals. I rather doubt that, or it would have had media coverage for stent alone usage in cerebral arteries. These stent approvals are in the FDA small usage division you can access by searching H020002 and H50001; numerous others are listed on that site. Angio images reflect the marker bands on both ends of a stent.

Let me know if you need help on this data. I have no expertise, but I do have personal experience.

Prayers for your recovery.


Yes, it has been 8+ years for me; and, I have fatigue days. I had/have, tremendous deficits from vision to hearing loss and so much more. When I have a fatigue day, it is like turning off the lights...i.e. I do not even hear the phone / doorbell if sleeping on those days.

Warm wishes and prayers for your continued recovery; you have been blessed overall to not have other deficits.


Hi Ron,

I'm feeling good, today! Thanks for asking.

Several years ago, a neurologist prescribed and I tried and discontinued both Neurontin and Lyrica (not taken at the same time) because they made me so woozy. After this experience, I decided I was better off without the meds and relied on PT and massage to manage pain instead. I also decided to work all issues through my PCP, who I trust and like, instead of seeing specialists on my own.

This past December, when I had a major flare of nerve and muscle pain (levels 8-9), my PCP prescribed a Medrol K pac plus a short course of Flexeril and Celebrex (taken after finishing the steroids). This is the absolute best relief I've ever gotten without also doing PT. I felt like a teenager. :-) I told my doctor the other day that it was almost like finding the fountain of youth - he looked at me curiously since I've not given type of response about anything previously. Clinically, I do not have arthritis or any rheumatoid disease. Similarly, I'm not clinically not allergic to anything except the adhesive on the bandages use for the tests despite the fact that my body reacts to at least 1/2 doz things. So, go figure. :-(

Because of issues surrounding taking these meds long term, the on-going plan is for me to take Flexeril and Celebrex only "as needed" (for me that's pain 5+, chocolate does the trick otherwise) but, if I have a major flare I should take the Flexeril and Celebrex for 5-7 consecutive days.

Note to all you computer users): one day last week, I thought I was about to have a big flare when I double checked my desk, keyboard and chair set up. My keyboard tray had been moved down about an inch and I was putting pressure on my elbows (chair arms). This caused pain to radiate into my inner elbow, hand, shoulder and neck. The pain in the inner elbow triggered a recollection of a past experience and root cause. I raised the keyboard tray about 1" so that my arms would not rest or slide along on the chair arms. Thankfully more than 80% pain was alleviated by this. :-)

Take care.


thanks Carole-i've never heard of MedrolK but i will check maybe i can stop hobbling around because of the chronic pain in left foot & ankle-i want to feel like a teenager too although i forget what that's like!!43 years ago???? is that a typo???

Hi Ron,

Medrol K pac is a steroid protocol. http://www.drugs.com/mtm/methylprednisolone-dose-pack.html

No, 43 years ago is not a typo. My aneurysm rupture occured in 1969.



It will be three years next week . I survived with very little deficit that you can tell..Fatigue is still my biggest complaint but I listen to my body and just get rest ..

You are early in your recovery so listen to your body ..I pushed too hard in the first year .I wanted to prove ,I could still do everything. and it definitely slowed my recovery ..

Take good care of yourself


Hi Susie, it’s a normal trend.
I had my rupture on february 2009, my annie was coiled and 1 year later I received the PED.
I fully recovery quickly, I was very lucky, I started again Gym and work, but I get tired often…
In my understanding this is more a min d feeling, due to the fact now I’m used to’ be’ warried everyday…
Every morning, every single morning when I wake up, I do my personal autobrain check up, and I think : WOW…EVERYTHING SEEMS OK ALSO TODAY…I’m a lucky men !
Take care of you, ciao from Italy,

thanks Carole- will ask dr.if i should tke it,i assume its not prednisone which i took years ago & i hated it cause it turned me into a

'monster-i ate nonstop, couldn't sleep and felt like jogging @ midnight!!-ron

I am still healing...fatigue days are common...my worst are when I have been researching, attempting to learn... by the third day, I sleep almost all day...Now, re: the healing...I am in my 8th year...yet healing... If I am walking, talking, the "hello type visits", groceries, etc...I may be a smidegen tired; not fatigued and blanked out completely...I have done my neuropsych tests every two years, to determine which parts have improved and which have not; and, the anticipated ones that probably will not. I am on a horrendous project (mentally horrendous) of which I will share mroe later on...

How are you?



Susie, welcome to this site...

Overall, you were / are blessed to have had such great treatment following a rupture. Will you tell us more about your aneurysm; i.e. the artery...if normal saccular, etc. I had a ruptured 6mm aneurysm off my ICA.

Elke, in Munich had her MCAaneurysm rupture @ 4mm... there are others, and names are slipping...

My curiosityity, my drive, on this, is that we hear over and over, especially those unruptured who are being monitored until they ae about 7mm...

Having people waiting for, or at, the 7mm, escalates cocnern for those people. The only benefit I see in waiting for 7mm are the coil sales profit increase.

Susie, I am so pleased for you, for as much recovery you have had and ability to return to work.

Prayers you get your rest when the fatigue hits...


i had a 5.5 mm anneurysm located behind my right eye but i don’t remember which artery it came off of. I do know the doctor said one wrong move on his part and I would have been blind. It was a wideneck berry anneurysm. I go in for another angiogram the first week of April. Susie