Return to work

Hi PED pals,

Just wondering how everyone else's return to work went and how long it took to return to your normal routine, or if you were able to at all. My PEDs were placed 7/6/11, had to have angioplasty done 9/11 due to clotting, returned to work slowly 1/12, attempted to increase hours this week and am wiped out. I started having that fuzzy feeling in my head and it scared me because I felt that before I was readmitted for angioplasty. I'm not sure if that's just my brain telling me to slow down or if something could be going wrong again. I have a call into my neurosurgeons office but I'm just curious if any of you have had that fuzzy feeling in your head when you do a little too much, not sure if that's just going to be normal now.



Hi Trish, I went back to’ work 4 days after the PED procedure, and one week later I came back to the normal routine.
When I get too much tired I have strange feeling in my head, and from a general prospective following the rupture which was on february, 2009 , I became much more sensibile to my head feeling .
Take care of you, giovanni

Hi Trish-I am 2 months out from my PED surgery. I get something similar to what you are describing...just feel not myself, off somehow...and the little gold flashes I saw right after surgery reappear, when I have spent too many days in a row at work, or have just done too much...scares me some, but I think it's just my brain and body reminding me to slow down and rest. And usually the next day I am fine! Have to schedule my follow up, my original appt. was canceled by the surgeon-out for awhile due to a family crisis or something. But since I haven't had really any issues, wasn't worried. I'd say that fuzzy feeling is to remind you to take it easier on yourself....I didn't have a rupture, mine was discovered by accident and fixed before it could....I have tried to increase my hours, but then it really knocks me back in my recovery, so have learned to just say no to work. I am lucky and blessed to have an understanding boss and the ability to be part time as long as I want and need. I am curious about your angioplasty on 9/11-why did you have to have this and how was it decided? What symptoms did you have? Hope things are better for you now...


Hi Cece,

Nice to hear from you again. I'm hoping you're right and the fuzzy head is just my brain telling me to slow down, it scares me because it feels similar to the way I felt before spending most of September back in the hospital. I didn't have a rupture either, I initially had two pipeline stents placed to treat my annie and felt very good after that, back to work after a month and a half. I returned to the ER in August with visual issues and they loaded me with Plavix and sent me home. Then a couple of weeks later, the fuzzy head started, but was kindof vague, so I didn't go in right away, but I ended up VERY confused and unable to put words together. This happened quickly, within a few hours I went from fuzzy to back in the ER, unable to remember which side my annie is on. Pretty scary. They determined at that time that I am one of the few patients that dont respond to Plavix and switched me from that to Effient. My stents were clotting and I had to stay in the hospital for two weeks on IV bloodthinners because my surgeon was trying to avoid the angioplasty and wanted to try to clear the clotting with meds, the safer, more conservative approach. Eventually, I seemed to be ok and was discharged. I was home for two days and half of my face drooped and went numb so I was right back in for the angioplasty and another hospital stay. That surgery went well, I had my follow up angiogram and the annie is gone and stents look good but I'm just not able to get back to my old routine yet. I do work in a very busy, high stress dental office, but my boss is very understanding and is fine with whatever I need to do. It's just a tough environment for recovery, especially when you look normal, people forget that you're still bouncing back and load up the schedule. I guess I just need to slow down and rework my schedule for now, it's just frustrating. I want to talk to you more about the ADD meds that we discussed before but I have to get ready for work so that will have to wait til next time. I'm glad you're doing so well, take care Ttys.



Wow, I wish my story was more similar to yours. That's great that you were able to bounce back so quickly, especially with a rupture, that's amazing! I will get there, it's just going to take me longer because of my second procedure, but your story is encouraging. Thanks.