Swollen bottom lip and left side of face

I woke up this am to oddity. My left side (surgery side) of face is slightly swollen and bottom lip is swollen and numb. Getting concerned, it’s Sunday, should I call my doctor? Has anyone experienced this. 3 wks out of craniotomy surgery to clip basilar tip aneurysm.

Hi Sheree...yes...I would contact your Doctor and if you are very concerned go to ER...

After my coiling on my basilar tip aneurysm...while I was in ICU...my right side of my face was swollen, infact, my eye would fall shut...and my lip dragged to one side...it was concerning...the nurse didn't notify the Doctor...now my eye droops ... when I had check up with surgery weeks after coiling...I was told it had nothing to do with surgery since nurse never reported...hmm??? Never had this before...~ at least notify them...immediately...

Gotcha in my prayers Colleen


This is what they are going to test me for maybe after my 6-8 week mark and I’m still having these issue it may have been the core reason for my aneurysm in the first place, and now for the pressure build up in my head. Thank God for steroids, however, hoping the final diagnosis is just a little spinal fluid leak, not showing enough to prompt shunt drainage. They are going to taper my steroid for a week, then see if the pressure builds up again after I’m off the steroids for a couple of days. Still too early to tell if it’s just normal healing from surgery. Spent the night in neurological floor at hospital, and going home in about 30min. Yea!!!
Thanks for your support.

praying for you!

Hi Sheree...I am so glad you went and got help...I hope you don't have this disease...interesting reading...thank~you for sharing...hope the steroids help you...Gotcha in my prayers...~ Colleen