Post coiling procedure

Having had my surgery and was doing okay - then had an acute infarction which led to sensory loss on my left side (arm and face)… Then home where I proceeded to have a massive seizure and was rushed to A&E by ambulance…

Has anyone else experienced the above or anything like it! Thank you all…

Hi seizure for me...however, after coiling surgery, in ICU I had a droop to my right side of has gotten worse over the last 2 years...and there is weakness on my right side of my body...esp hand and I get tired through out the day it gets this time...I am going for some tests, but I am told it is because they aneurysm isn't totally occluded and that my parent vessel was tore...I donot know what to think because the face palsy is very painful...and I feel Doctors aren't helping me at this time...and/or should I say, more afraid to...

I hope you are getting the care you need...~ Colleen

Hi Colleen..

oh my you are going through it also.... It is awful to feel that you are getting no help.... I know that they probably explained some of it to me after the seizure but I was totally disorientated and don't remember.... Am scared it will happen again, as for the infarct - is that s small stroke?..... Am so confused with it all at the moment - then I wonder if the seizure was because of surgery or if it is now part of my future to have more of them.......... So frustrating to have no answers.......

Hope you get some answers also Colleen, I really do feel for you - Hope you get the care you need also,

All the best,


Ah Thank~you Anna…wishing you and your’s a Happy Thanksgiving ~ Colleen

oh Anna! im so sorry to hear but i can def relate- but mine was from sah rupturing blood on the brain. im keeping you in my thoughts and prayers -you are not alone! Please do your follow-ups and keep after them- you have been thru so much my heart goes out for you- hang in there & we are here for you! God Bless you all!

Hi Ron,

Thank you all so much this site is my sanity - you are all so good and I sincerely appreciate it..... Am going to try to remain positive..... With all of you guys behind me it is hard not to....... Thank you...

Hugs, Anna

Hi Colleen,

Thanks so much..... Wishing you and your's the same

Hugs, Anna