Swollen optic nerve - behind rt eye where coils are

SOOOO......not good. I've been having pressure behind my right eye,and also seeing complete double when I look through my right eye only.

I just saw opthamologist and there is swelling of the nerve behind the right eye, where my aneurysm was coiled and stented 6mos ago. Had my follow up angio just 4 weeks ago and all looked good - but I think that doesn't look at nerves.
I have an appt w a neuro-opthamologist on Monday - they wnated to get me in asap, and once the doctor saw the swelling she became pretty serious. Said it could be aneurysm/coil related, but not sure - wants to leave it to the specialist. I'm really worried - I think she didn't want to worry me w all the possibilities, but I know it's not a good thing, and her demeanor became very serious once she saw the swollen nerve.

I'm wondering if the angio 4 weeks ago could have caused a problem - I read that infections in the brain can cause increased pressure and then nerve swelling. Can angios cause those problems?

My aneurysm was unruptured.

Anyone.....any thoughts....similar experiences??? I don't know what's up and am anxious. And feeling really down about this - I'm tired of it all. And I don't like waiting until monday. But, the place I'm going is one of the top eye institutes in the U.S., so I'm thankful for that.



Love you Jim!!! I do mindfulness/meditation, and for the most part it's the best drug there is! It's gotten me through much of this better than even ativan could.

Thanks for the reminder of my vunderbar qualities! The waiting is just hard --- I don't do well with waiting. I'm a fix-it-fast person. Bring it on, let me deal with it. Just don't make me wait....

Hi Jaycie,

No advice or similar symptons, Just wanted to wish you well and sending hope and best wishes for your Monday


Thanks Gaynor!

How are you doing?

Surprise surprise. The neurosurgeon says the optic nerve swelling has nothing to do with the aneurysm (8x11 mm, coiled and stented 6mos ago). I knew he'd say that. I can't even count the times I've read similar stories on these boards, of surgeons dismissing symptoms that seem impossible to believe aren't connected to the aneurysms/surgery.

I called my neurologist (not surgeon - just regular neurologist) just to let him know of the finding, and that I am set to see a neuro[--opthamologist on monday, and I got a call back from his office that he wants to see me tomorrow morning - so at least HE is taking it more seriously than the surgeon. What is is with surgeons??? Mine is fantastic at surgery, but I just don't feel like the follow up care is there. And I hardly think my experience is unique.

My eye really hurts - I'm worried, but hope it will come down to a course of steroids and it will resolve. Dang, dang, and double dang! I'm glad I'm seeing my neuro tomorrow, and the neuro-opth. on Monday. And at the same time, the fact that my neuro wants to see me tomorrow speaks to the potential seriousness of this.

Trying to take Jim's advice and chill a little....hard when there's pain that's constant - but, I've learned that what will be will be, and worrying doesn't change outcome. I'm trying to stick with that!

So glad you are seeing a neuro-oph...

Fascinating that even the BAF site mentions some vision symptoms...ak the neuro-oph about which of the cranial nerves may be associated with your vision pain / discomfort...


It’s been all over the news that the world will end Saturday so you have nothing to worry about any way! Seriously I’m sure you will be fine. I agree sometimes doctors don’t seem to get it. It’s all related. Body, mind soul are inexorably intertwined. A stubbed toe is related to your sore shoulder because you walk different. Doctors need to forget the science sometimes and look at what really controls the world.

My clipping is behind my left optic nerve and I really feel for you and your anxiousness. I had an angio in February of 2009 and it really irritated my optic nerve. I lost my vision in half of the eye and then had a horrendous headache. I could tell when the contrast hit that spot. Fortunately, my problem resolved within a few hours. I am not sure exactly what caused it, but the radiologist dismissed it when I told him. I am glad that you are being seen soon and hopefully it is something that steroids can handle. I have found out that nerve endings are funny things and they can really get irritated! I have had problems with my trigeminal nerve since my first craniotomy and the side of my head around it visibly swell when it is irritated. The good thing is that it comes and goes so I do get relief! I have also found that worry does not get me anywhere, so it is best (for your body and your mind) to try and relax!

Getting bettered up by the day, Thanks… Positive thinking n all that… Good luck with the appt tomorrow!


I am so glad you are seeing a Doctor on Monday...Are they giving you anything for swelling and/or pain until you get in on Monday? You got my prayers...don't get discouraged...I think this is all part of the so ~ called "new normal"...

You always say the right things to me...and right now I want to say it to you...but I have no words...

Hang in there...I have some tears for you...Jim would kick me in the butt for this, but I just have those moments...

Hey I saw he wrote about a meditation tape...I ordered one from Amazon ... it is great...however, now I worry if I can't find the time to do it...Am I a "worrywart"....??? Yup...I am...hahaha...! Please keep us posted on how you are doing today...Gotcha in my Heart...Cyber~thoughts your way...Colleen

Thanks Colleen! My appt is in an hour, so that's a good thing. And thanks for the compliment - I try say what I think and feel = glad it's felt right for you sometimes :)

And support is better than any words!

I love it - ordering the relaxation tape then worrying about finding the time! Worry can really have a life of its own....

Hope you are well.


Agreed - thank God for that unique group - and I appreciate their unique amazing skills - but still.....

I think the word unique is perfect! My neurologist is fantastic - and I agree, good neuro is very important. Like the fire hat, chief?

Hi Jaycie, I had severe pain and double vision behind my right eye in 2003. It lasted for months after my coiling. I went to a neuro-opthamologist and eventually my vision returned close to normal. The double vision was extreme, like viewing into a kaleidoscope. Later in 2006 my aneurysm grew twice , coiled two additional times, my vision was affected but with help from the Doctor again, my vision was corrected. It was much more scary the first time, but with therapy and time my vision is good. Everybody is different, try to be patient with yourself and realize this is probably temporary …healing never comes fast enough. Wish you the best.

Gerald…would you explain about your therapy; i.e., was it vision therapy? I did vision therapy for months…but no surgeries…I did not regain upper right peripheral…whatever part relates to changing distance of what I am looking at (forget the term)…it is about 80% perfect; lose it when fatigued…

Hi Gerald - thanks for replying. Did you have a rupture? I didn’t - just the coils and stent. But that was over 6 mos ago - but the follow up angio was a month ago, no symptoms til a week ago, but I have to wonder if the angio caused this??? Of course the surgeon says it’s unrelated to the aneurysm.

I saw my neurologist yesterday - he's not sure what's going on, but did blood workups, and ordered an MRI of brain and eye orbits for Monday morn at 7am, so it will be done before my neuro-opthamology appt at 1. He's so fantastic. Took lots of time. No meds, other than advil/tylenol. There's swelling back there - but he's not sure of the cause - it's hard to see back there w/o being dilated, and my neuro didn't dilate my eyes (opthamologist did the day before), but I'll be very well checked out on Monday by the neuro-opth.

I still have a very hard time buying that it's unrelated to the aneurysm. My neurologist I think agrees with me - but I doubt wanted to say anything opposing the surgeon - and who knows what's what.

It's annoying at the least, worrisome at the most....but I'm hanging in until Monday. And the news WILL be good!!!! Power of positive thinking....

Jaycie, when do you get your neuro-oph appointment? Did I read it right?

Is that 6 PM Eastern or Pacific or adjusted internationally? Never thought to ask this question to Michelle... Maybe we need to ask Bill Gates if he's keeping the worldwideweb up and functioning since it's already off the ground...?

Jaycie...thanks, I got confused on your various appointments... your neurologist is special...When I went to the neuro-oph I learned years later he did not receive all the records; however, he never asked for the missing records... nor indicated to us...my sis/-b-i-l were w/me...I have a lot of your thoughts; perhaps more so...for various reasons...

Prayers for your best news on Monday....and every other day...

Well since the world didn’t end looks like you get to go to the doctor. Maybe the world didn’t end because you still have stuff you are supposed to do. You will not be OK you will be excellant.