Right sided numbness

Hi everyone, im new to this site and am so very excited about it because I have felt so alone in this aneurysm battle. I was coiled w a stent June 16 this year. I am 12 weeks postop and have had numbness on the right side of my head and face almost every day since minus maybe a week or two sporadically. I have had an MRA to rule out stroke and have not had a stroke. I have went to 3 different neurosurgeons for answers with no answers as to why i have this numbness. My regular neurosurgeon makes me feel like I am a head case and blows me off all the time. I was never told what symptoms to expext postop from them either. I have a 7 mm left internal carotid aneurysm behind my left eye, unruptured.

Hi - I’m several years out and I don’t have numbness but I have several other strange unexplained symptoms and all the specialists I’ve seen blow it off too—I don’t think they know what to do with us !

Its so nerve racking getting no answers