Sorry it has taken so long, just got out of hospital!

Hi everyone, surgery went well then 4 days later I had a ministroke and seizure… I am doing alot better now!! Thanks for all your support!! I am really tired but I will stay in contact with all of you very soon!! Love you all!’

Welcome Home Jennifer.

I am so glad to hear your doing better and so sorry to hear about you setback 4 days after surgery. I am keeping my prayers going for you to have a good recovery. All my wishes for a Good New Year!



Jennifer, it is so good to hear from you! I am happy to hear you are home and doing ok! I pray your recovery continues to go well and is speedy! Sending you hugs and love.


PS- Dont be sorry about not posting sooner!! You had a set back, just thankful you are ok. :)

Glad to hear you are home for the new year.

God Bless you Jennifer, glad that you are doing better. I want to wish everyone a Healthy, Happy New Year. Count down for me, nine days before my clipping. I am a bit scared, but have trust in the Lord!!!

glad to hear ur in the home stretch…recovery here she comes…i will keep you in my prayers

Jen I'm glad your home and recovering.

Bonita, I'll be thinking of you.


Thank you very much Tina.


HI Jennifer

so glad your home . Have a Great New Year !!!!

prayers and hugs.


Thank God your doing better. We will keep you in prayer. God Bless You.

You will be feeling better sooner than you think. Glad to know you are home with your family!! That is the best medicine in the world. Sorry to hear about the ministroke and seizure, very surpise you are so young. Let your family spoil you. Light and prayers coming your way!! Kim

Happy New Year!!! I hope you are doing well.

i'm so glad to hear that you are home and recovering now. Hang in there - i know its hard, but it will all be ok. Please let me know if you need any help with anything! Happy New Year! You'll continue to be in my prayers!

So glad to hear from you!!! Iam so happy you are doing better and I will continue to send thoughts and love your way. Happy New Year. We are all going to have a Happy and healthy 2011.

It's great to hear from you!! To a speedy recovery, check back when you're feeling better : )


Hi Jennifer...

Please know you are in my Thoughts and Prayers...! Cheers to a Healthier 2011 for all of us...!

Hugs Colleen

So glad to hear that your home, and doing well. I also had a mini stroke, mine was a week after my surgery. hope you continue to recover nicely and get the rest you need. Hope your little girl is coping, my grandaughter who is 3 1/2 was very leary of my bald head and big scar, she acted out some because I wasn't able to to do things that i usually did, with her, but it soon worked out. Hope to hear from you soon. Carol.

Hi everyone!! It has been 4 weeks today and I am doing great!!! I go to my follow up appointment with my surgeon and for a ct scan on Monday. I rarely take a nap during the day and I have been out and about to target, the grocery store, chili’s, and to get a pedicure( that made me feel a little prettier ) and also back and forth to go with to take my daughter to preschool!!! Considering all the set backs and time frame I feel like I am doing outstanding, give me another month and I hope to be really well!! Three days after surgery I started slurring my words, I didn’t know my husband, I called him daddy, called my dad daddy, called my mom mommy, when asked the date I kept saying November 10th which is the daylittle sister died ( that is when everyone lost it), I didn’t even know what a pen was!!! Needless to say I really don’t even remember much from Monday night till real early Wednesday morning! All of a sudden they asked we the date ( and no one had been in and changed it from the day before) and I said wait a minute it isn’t Tuesday, it is Wednesday!! At that moment they knew I was coming back!! The weird thing is that they did 2 ct scans and mra and could only find a pin point dot of blood on my brain… They said I must of had a stroke and they also recorded a very mild seizure that no one even visually noticed! It was all very terrifying on my family but then a came right back… Thank you God!! I believe this is a prime example of his power, he is definately in control!!! The neurosurgery team have no doubt I will be fine!! They said this happens in about 10% of cases but I don’t think they were prepared for it to happen to me. Also my surgery was only supposed to be only 4-5 hours and it ended up being 10+! My surgeon came out and told my family that it was 3 mm like they thought but one side was completely transparent and ready to rupture at any moment and I made the right decision! My docs and nurses were great and I am soooo thankful, not only for them, but all of you!! I am going to contact the foundation and organize an annual fundraiser!! I am here for all of you whenever you need me, day or night!!
My number is 219-■■■■■■■■! Be brave, trust God, see the good even in the worst situations!!

Jennifer,So glad your doing so well, I know you were so frightened… I was worried for you. Just wonderful to hear from you. Take care and keep us updated. Carol…

Hi Carol, I can’t believe you had a stroke too, if you don’t mind me asking what happen?? How are you feeling?? My daughter is great… They didn’t shave my head, the actually left a thin strip of hair in front, then shaved the line behind it. I had to change the side I part on but you can’t even see it… I can’t wait to cover my gray hair and get it cut though but it is the least of my worries!! I am glad you are well too, I would live to hear your story as well!! Keeping you and everyone dealing with this in my prayers!!