Another Newbie

While conducting tests for other symptoms, 2 aneurysms were discovered on my MCA - one on the left and one on the right lobe. The one on the right requires cranial surgery/clamping. I have a lot of questions - like:

I'm told I'll be in ICU one night in in the hospital 3 -5 days and off work at least 4 weeks. What have others' experiences been?

What will I fell like when I awaken from surgery? Will I be coherent?

What were the biggest challenges folk faced when first going home?

Do you have to go off medications prior to surgery, and if yes, how long?

I plan on working from home as soon as I can. Does anyone have a guess when that would be in the recovery process (the work will be on the phone and computer)

Is there anything the docs didn't tell you to prepare you for the surgery and after that you wish you would have known?

Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all you brave folks that have already been through this. I'm terrified.

hi melissa,

welcome to the site...i am a ruptured 5mm anny survivor..i was n the hospital for 2 wks following my coiling via endovascular angiogram, going n thru the groin area..once i was released i was not mentally ready for work n rested..napping was frequently welcomed..;) n realized anytime i attempted to rush the process of recovery could set myself just take it one day at a time and listen to ur body n will def send signals when u need to take a break..i pray you have a quick recovery n many yrs of great health, love n happiness..keep positive n God by ur side n everything will be n prayers 2 u

Hi Melissa,

How large are the aneurysms?

Are they going to clip both? Wish you all the best and keep us updated.


Thank you for your words of support and sharing. How long post surgery are you - and are you 100% now?

The one in the left lobe is only 2mm. The right lobe is 6 x 8mm. Thanks for the well wishes!

Hi Melissa, I see you found the forum!!

Just wanted to welcome you again and wish you the best of luck in your journey. Please keep us posted!


Hi Melissa Welcome to BAF...!

I was coiled with a 9mm leaking annie on my basilar tip...and I have a 2mm annie behind my left eye they are watching...

I can tell you everyone's surgery is different and everyone's healing is least what I see here at BAF...I think the most important thing to remember is the "brain needs rest"...lots of it after surgery...and you should get as much as stress and to not get takes time to heal, but it does happen...

You have my prayers sweetie...try and keep it positive...Big Cyber ~ hugs Colleen

I’m seeing Dr. Payner who is a part of the Goodman Campbell Brain and Spine group, of which Dr. Leipzig is a part. I just want to get it over, as I think the waiting is the toughest part (at least it is for me).

Thanks so much. I’ll take all the cyber lovin’ I can get!!

Thanks - will do.

oct 13th it will be two yrs n my safezone…thats wat i call it…i can do pretty much anything i’d like except ride roller coasters…and i still need a nap every now n then but other than that am 100%…i kinda loved me a good nap b4 anny…i was 41 when it happened…i feel better the more time i have from that day…u just feel safer…:wink:

Hi Melissa & welcome to this site.

I also had a 6mm MCA which was clipped Nov. 2010.

I woke up feeling tired but ok. I was choerent but just like after any operation very tired.

When I came home it was more or less tiredness that was my only problem. When my body said rest then that's what I did. Would take little naps then get up and go again.

Recovery is different for everyone. I have had complications that most don't have. The normal person experiences swelling of the site and a black eye. It's the time that you can't wash your hair that can be an issue.

I pray that your operation and recovery go well for you. Do you know when your clipping will be?


Hi Melissa,

I had two 7 mm aneurysms behind my temples clipped this summer, one June 6 and the other July 13. When I woke up from surgery I did get sick so I recommend asking for nausea medication. I slept all day of the surgeries. I was in the hospital two nights for the first one and three nights for the second. I didn't face many challenges when I got home. I didn't go off of my meds at all but your situation may be different. I was on the computer paying bills, emailing right away to answer your questions. Now I go to the gym 5-6 days per week. I do get tired a little easier and I nap more often. My short term memory isn't the greatest but it is temporary. It took 2-3 weeks before I felt comfortable driving. I feel great and everyone is amazed at how well I am doing and how quickly I recovered. Take care and I'll be thinking of you!


I had a 5mm clipped. One night in ICU three days in the hospital. I woke up, told a joke and asked for food! I was home for four weeks, back part time for two weeks then back full time. I work mostly on the computer. I did mind body relaxation for a few weeks before surgery and it helped a lot. Biggest challenge is energy. Your body goes through a lot and it takes months to really feel back 100%. don’t push it and listen to yourbody. Naps aregood!

Thanks for the info and glad your surgery went so well. I’m trusing mine will, as well. ANd thanks for the tip on anti-nausea meds.

Thanks for sharing. You touched on one of the most difficult things - trying not to think about the surgery before it happens. I really struggle with that.

I’ve never been a napper, but from the input of you all “in the know,” it sounds like that will become a new part of my life. So happy your surgery went so well. I’m hoping mine will be the same. Thanks!

SUrgery is scheduled for Oct 19th. I’m planning on shaving my head (have always wanted an excuse to do it), so washing my hair won’t be an issue. THank you for your well wishes.

Hi Melissa! I had a craniotomy in 2007 to remove an AVM. I would not recommend shaving your head before hand, unless you really want to! I parted my hair on the opposite side for a year and no one would have known. I woke up feeling fine, but sick to my stomach. No headache or pain of any sort. I was in the hospital for 4 days and out of work for 5 weeks. Napping was very important :slight_smile: I napped and woke to eat (steroids made me extremely hungry). I walked very slow and unsteadily for a while. My eyesight weakened and my short term memory has never been the same. I still list to the left sometimes. I do still have 3 untreated aneurysms, so I am not sure which symptoms are caused by what. I am having a pipeline device inserted into the largest next week, so time may tell. Good luck to you!!