Skull bone back!

As of yesterday I have something in my head to replace my skull bone!

Surgery went well and I look like normal again. Very sore at the moment, tired but feeling good.

My doctor said that we just have to get passed the excessive swelling & infection stages, so long as we can get past them then we should be pretty much home free!!!

Just thought I would update :-)

Thoughts and Prayers to all


Good news indeed Kimberley!

Here's to a blessed recovery. One day at a time.

Prayers headed your way.


(((Kimberely))) Crying for You....God I thought about you all day yesterday...I am so happy to hear this good do what you hate me ... rest and more rest...then you will heal...

You continue in my thoughts and prayers...Love ya Colleen

That’s the best news I’ve had all week… :slight_smile:

Wonderful news. I prayed alot for you yesterday. Keeping you in my prayers.



Your title is interesting to me and my wife. After 17 years we revisited the neurosurgical practice that did her surgery to bring them up to speed on how my wife's migraines are triggered. After initial skepticism at the theory, he concluded we had a strong case for redoing the bone flap surgery. He said it is possible to remove the flap, replace the sutures and use the newer titanium screws which would be less likely to trigger the migraines. We are considering this drastic surgery but it's not without risks as you stated. Let us know how your doing and as time goes by what your opinion is of the surgical process since it would be very similar to what my wife would encounter. Thanks in advance for any help.


Kimberley = I'm overjoyed for you!!!! Onward and upward - you've been through enough. Are you impressed....I figured out how to add a picture to my post! It's an old one of one of my kitties....but thought it might bring you a smile.


I would never accuse you of being “normal” but I’m glad to hear everything went well ond you are doing great. :wink:

I wish you a speedy recovery. God Bless

Thomas…no comment on my cute fur-people???

Hugs and Prayers for your continued are amazing...


How about I hope to meet them some day?

Great thought! But be prepared…there are also 3 kids, another dog, another cat, and a couple hermit crabs. Unfortunately the frog recently died… We’re a busy house!

3 cats, 1 dog, 1 parrot, 3 fish and 1 “kid”. He’s 24 but he’s still my kid!