Debbie's Craniotomy on Tuesday

I don't know if you remember us. My wife spent the summer in the hospital - 12 weeks - from a SAH.

When they did the angiogram on the first one, they found that she had two but they couldn't fix both at the time; they just fixed the ruptured one by coiling it. The doctor said at the time that the other would probably require clipping since it had a longer neck and was in the V where the artery split.

Originally they talked about the clipping later this year but the doctor has suggested she get it fixed right away so Tuesday she's going in for the craniotomy/clipping.

She's very nervous and scared, as you might expect. I know many of you have gone through this and can help Debbie know what it might be like. She is so scared she's sick. I don't know how to eliminate the fear but anything I can find for her to help her understand there is great hope in this will help.

I am hoping some of you will share your stories or share links to threads that already have your experience and stories of craniotomy and clipping.

Thank you all for all that you have done for us and for others like us.

hi Dale! of course we remember! i don't think anything will eliminate the fear entirely, prayer is the only thing that helps really along with your support and assurance. also helps to escape the present-think back to happier times and also project into the future when everything will be ok. Think positive, keep the faith! We'll keep you in our thoughts and prayers! ps i did the same- missed entire summer of 09, hang in there and we're here if you need us 24/7!

Will keep Debbie and you in my thoughts and prayers. Any surgery is scary but opening your head and messing with your brain is something else. Praying for her an uneventful surgery and a quick recovery. Keep us posted

My prayers go out to you both! I wish I could be of more help with experience but I go in for my first craniotomy on Friday. I’m pretty much feeling the same as your wife with the different emotions and such. Everyone here has been so nice and full of advice and help and hopefully your wife can be put at ease!

Thanks, all, for your responses. Sue, the pictures are a great idea. They were a big help in pulling her through the first episode and I'm sure they will be important now. Thanks for the idea.

One more day. Tomorrow we leave for Tulsa where we will spend the night so we're closer for the early morning check-in at the hospital.

Thanks for the prayers and thoughts. We will need them.


Hi Dale, I haven't had clipping, but I too had two aneurysms, both now successfully sorted, I sometimes think the anxiety is worse than the illness, I will pray for a successful and positive outcome for you all xxx

Hi Dale & Debbie,

As Sue noted, a positive outlook is very important. I've had two clippings, and as they rolled me off to the operating room the 1st time I recall singing some silly song that was a joke between my husband and I, he and both laughing, and thats the last thing I recall until I awoke in recovery...He was a godsend for all my various brain surgeries, my "rock", and it sounds like you're super supportive and I'm sure that alone will help ease Debbie at least a little bit. My prayers for an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery!


Hi Dale and Welcome...and yes...I remember you both...and I was no advice about clipping, but sending right now prayers and postive vibes out to you both...tell Debbie she is a "survivor, which makes her a tough ... lady" ... ~ Colleen

Hi Dale,

You probably won't see this post but I too am sending you positive vibes and prayers. Everyone is right about staying positive and truly believe it brings about a very successful outcome. Good luck to both of you and keep us posted. Take care,


Surgery was a success. It took 3 clips to fix the aneurysm but it is done. She's awake on and off. The doctor said the surgery went well.

Thanks to all of you for your support and prayers.


Hi Dale...Thanks for the update...remember..."one step at a time" and Debbie are in my prayers...~ Colleen

Well, things went well to start, and as happens at times, it turned downhill for just a bit but then she pulled back out of it. She went home on Saturday, just 4 days after having a craniotomy and clipping that took 3 clips for one aneurysm.

She's still weak but has no signs of any permanent loss of mobility. She still has the trach left over from the first aneurysm that ruptured but that's not bad after all she's been through. We're still hoping that her vocal chords regain function so that the trach can be removed. If you don't recall, her vocal chords are paralyzed in the closed position which obstructs her airway but allows her to talk. Normally, the vocal chords separate at rest and close to talk. Hers never separate so, without the trach, they would never rest and breathing would be so laborious that she would eventually fail. The doctors hope that time will heal her vocal chords. When that happens, she'll be 100%.

We owe a big debt to the BAF Support community and, hopefully soon, we can participate more to support others going through what we have been going through. We're still very busy with her care for now, though. Please don't think we're unappreciative of all of you who dedicate so much time to helping others like us. We truly appreciate it; you've all been so very helpful.


Dale and Debbie