Hi everyone, 3 weeks post clipping

I wanted to say a special thank you for the postivie thoughts and prayers that were sent to me prior to my surgery. They were so very much appreciated. :-)

My update: The surgery was a success, there were a couple of bumps along the way in my 6+ hour journey but I'm on my way to recovering. :-) It would seem that all of us that have gone through these surgeries feel the fatigue and tiredness. Boy, that part is really kicking me in the pants. I do have headaches and head pain as well. They are two different things. The pain is sharp stabbing pains. Anyone feel this? Also I can't stand background noise..I get very frustrated with too many people talking at once or if I'm on the phone talking to someone and my dear hubby is getting dinner ready or something, clanging of dishes or whatever...I just can't deal with that. I've also had inner ear pain...anyone else? No appetite really and not sleeping as well I should be.

Any advice, thoughts , anything would be great to hear from you all. Thanks everyone and hugs.


:slight_smile: Jim as usual you are bang on! Thank you so much for your support.


This seems to be common. My wife is the same way. You'll want to keep on top of the headaches. She had clipping done 16 years ago and we only recently found the root cause of her headaches/migraines. It is caused by electrical devices. This isn't recognized by medical Doctor's but physics actually predicts and supports that the type of metal used in this type of surgery can be affected by electrical devices. Please let me know if your headaches are migraines or evolve into migraines. Your still very early into the process so hopefully all will ge better. My wife's migraines started with a vengence exactly six months post surgery.

glad to hear u r doing well…the sensitivity to sound n light is normal…i remember squinting my eyes alot if it was too bright…also my husband and i went to a neighborhood place to eat, there was no one n there but us…but because the tv was going, pits n pans clanging i had to ask for our food 2 go…it got better as time went on and you will to…our brains need plenty of time to recoop…keeping you in my prayers for a steady recovery along with a long healthy life ahead…God bless…n remember to keep ur sense of humor…michelle-n-texas :wink:

Hi Tina,

I had my clipping in Nov. 2010 and I felt everything you are feeling! Buy some earplugs, they are worth their weight in gold. The stabbing pain by and in my ear was intermittent, but went away. It looks like we had the same approach surgically judging from your picture. I'm still tired, but back at work. It takes time! Congrats on your success.



I think about you so often...Thank you for updating us...God I am so Happy ...

Welcome to SurvivorHood...it is a hell of a Journey...

I must tell you I had inner ear pain for 2 months, droopy eye...etc., up into the last couple of weeks I couldn't stand loud noises, still trouble with the phone...I think it is the swelling ... and it takes time...You will get sick of hearing this...rest and take care of You...

Keep you in my Prayers...! Cyber ~hugs...big big...coming your way...Colleen