One more week until 3rd surgery

I am scheduled for a cranioplasty on January 18 to replace the skull bone flap that was discarded due to a staph infection (5/29/11). I've waited 7 1/2 months to make sure all the infection was gone prior to the surgery. It will be the least invasive- the craniotomy (4/20/11) went okay, the craniectomy due to infection was hard and so was the long recovery. I hope to share good news with you late next week. I'm optimistic the surgery will go well and I WILL NOT get another staph infection -- only positive thoughts being generated by my brain now!!

Arleen…Fingers crossed…prayers for a successful surgery and healing…D

Arleen...hugs and prayers for your results...


Thanks Dana. It's been quite a year but I know the worst must be over. Hope to talk with you all late next week.

Pat, thanks, I'll take all the hugs and prayers I can get. I do so hope that this is the last "head" thing I need to deal with for awhile. Hope to communicate with everyone soon after the surgery.

Hi Arleen

Thoughts and best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery


Gaynor, thanks. I feel like Humpty Dumpty and can't wait to get my head back together again!