Home from Hospital after 3rd surgery

Hi everyone, just an update. I had a successful cranioplasty on the left side of my head last Wednesday at MGH. Surgery was about 4 hours (longer than planned) and I needed to have a skin graft on my head. Skin was taken from my right thigh/groin area and it is now growing on the back of my head. They needed to relax the skin on my head (and add to it) in order to get it supple enough to have strong skin coverage in the suture area. Prosthetic bone is being held in place with 2 tiny screws. They also added some other substances in the head to fix muscle areas and round out the scalp. I saw plastic surgeon yesterday and he is pleased with thelookof the skin graft and incision area.

Had 17 staples from back of head removed yesterday - next week another 17 staples and 70+ stitches will be removed. Was on IV antibiotic in MGH and am on oral antibiotic til this Friday -- praying no infection this time.

Good news is that I feel good and look much better since I have a full head -- They did have to shave off all my hair and I have a gaping hole 6 x 1 inch down the back of my head which is where the skin graft is taking hold. My son saws it looks like someone came after me with a tomahawk. Learned that some months from now I will need 4th surgery to suture this area after skin grating is considered complete.

Spent a couple of days in hospital and dealing with some pain and headache here at home. I hope to be back to work in a week or 2. Went out today and bought some neat turban headpieces and cute hats to cover this bald head!!!

Thank you for all your wishes and prayers .. I'm sure they helped me get through this part of journey. Hope you've all had a good week. It feels so good to be a part of the BAF family.

Hi Arleen. Nice to hear you are doing good considering all you have gone through. You definetly have a positive attitude. I never realized there are so many different ways to go about fixing aneurysms. It is so nice to have others to be able to share our outcomes with. Prayers are always with you and everyone here. Jeanne


You are such a brave woman and I so admire your ability to deal with your journey with such an upbeat feeling that you project in your post. Brava!!

Best wishes to you and I hope that you have continued healing. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


Best wishes to Arlene, you have been through so much with this. You are in my thoughts and prayers, MJ