Sick and tired of waiting for my neusurgeon!

Hi everyone I'm from the Philippines, I'm new in this website and I'm happy to be part of it even though I haven't got any response to anyone but by reading the blogs and the experiences about aneurysm I felt I belong. I decided to have surgery for my aneurysm for about a month a go but apparently up to now my Doctor who will do clipping for me did not called up. I'm waiting for his call for my schedule of operation. Even if i'm not that ready financially but i'm set up already my mind to have the surgery to have a peaceful mind. Anybody can advise me if I may see another doctor or wait for my doctors called since at the start he knows the history and my hubby want him to do the surgery since my husband boss in the office recommend this doctor since his wife is also a patient of this doctor. Thanks for the time reading this and God bless us all!


Welcome... are you stilll in the Phillipines or where did you see a doctor and decide to have surgery?

I am personally pleased you have decided to have surgery/clipping...that is just my personal opinion.

Please let us know where your treatment will be done...

Prayers for your peaceful mind and your confidence in your medical care and results.

I am sorry you have not gotten responses. You ask complicated questions and, not to be too blunt about it, some of us are messed up. I really do not feel qualified to tell you what to do. My best advice would be to find a doctor you trust and follow his instructions to the letter.Trust is a big as sometimes you may have to do things you do not understand.

I am doing OK after coil. I may need recoil. I recognize that if my doctor or , gasp!, my wife tells me something contrary to my best thinking they are correct....every time. I do not trust my thinking at this point due to memory gaps. I wish I could offer more help. God bless you!

Thanks! Yes I’m still here in the Philippines, this where a live. I found my Doctor through my husbands co-worker since his (co worker) wife has done surgery before. I decide actually we my husband and I decided to have this surgery after seeing 3 neurologist and after reading some testimony in different website including this brain aneurysm foundation in facebook where i first read this foundation until i found out this website. Ok I will hopefully this month my doctor will call me and have set an schedule in Philippine General Hospital. Thanks for your prayers and God bless!

It's ok I'm happy now I got responses and opinions from you. of course you help me a lot in your own way I really appreciate it. Yes I believe in that that's why I keep on waiting this doctor since I already trust him. I'm happy your doing well and i know that memory gap is temporary and you will overcome that with the help and support and love of course of your love ones and Family. Thank you again and God bless you too!

Hi Arnita,

Firstly welcome to the site, I hope you find some comfort in knowing that there are several members whose aneurysm have been discovered but not as yet dealt with straight away, please try to see it as a blessing that your aneurysm has been found and you are in a postion to choose which way forward to go. I can totally understand how you may now be getting frustrated that things are not happening now that your decision has been made. You say you have heard nothing from your doctor, can you not call him, He may not be able to give you a date but surely he can explain the way forward and put your mind at rest It sounds as tho you may feel oblidged to wait only for this doctor due to your husbands boss reccomendations, and he may have dealt with your boss wife excellently so feel he is a good option, but it is you who needs confidence and contact with your doctor to give you the peace of mind you need at this time. Try to make the call to him you may get the response you need, if not you should maybe think about moving forward with another doctor. Doubt is not something that you need right now.

Best Wishes


Best Wishes


Hello Gaynor, Thanks for the message and advice. I think your right. Thanks again and God bless you!