Scab care post-craniotomy

It’s almost a month after my unruptured Annurysm craniotomy. I only dared to shower twice a week so far. (mostly shampooing) I felt that the incision streak area is as stiff as iron. I called the doctor (resident of my surgeon), and he said they were scabs. I thought it was ‘glue’ but he said they only just used staples, not glue. The center of my head was the most itchiest part (about 6 inches away from the incision line).

Has anyone felt the same as l do? How soon will the scabs fall off by themselves? I can live without dying my gray hair but thinking of an iron head is somewhat strange to feel. :blush:

I have no complaint since my incision only has pinches sensation from time to time and during low pressure weathers. Any input is welcome and appreciated!

Hi bibe,
Hope you feel good today, I`ve been an ‘annie survivor for 13 yrs now.’ Had same feelings too after the surgery, Mine, I think 2months before I could thoroughly wash my hair and “YES” hair is hard to manage, but when frequently washing and conditions hair mine was 1 yr after it turn back to normal.
With hair dying( I thinks per" your doctors advice if and when you can color your because of the strong chemicals used."
Its just now 13th yr, that I can dye my hair down. its becuase of the precautions we have to take for our own good.
Would you believe if I tell you that after hair dying just last month I had some nausea right after it dye my hair’ I think its because of strong smell and the feels in my scalp too.
My advice for you is to take it slow and still on the process of healing down your body.Take care! God bless.


Hi Maes,

Thank you for your reply. 1 year to turn back to normal? Oh, my! Then, my entire head will be snow white. It’s time for wigs or hats. I am afraid of chemicals on top of my head now.

Do you use regular conditions? Or baby shampoo?

I believe the nausea part of chemical dyes that do to your head. Good thing is that your head is sensitive and demands more delicate care to it!

God bless you too! Appreciate your time.


Hi bibe,
I use a baby shampoo then And as per my Dr`s advice too’ he said a mild kind of shampoo so that my scalp wont feel irritations that might cause infection when scratch.
as well as for the conditioner too.

yeah, I think that this goes for all that had surgery “Annie”

Always here,

Got it!! I just accidentally ‘bumped’ my incision last night and boy, it hurt - gradually more and more. Couldn’t believe a little bump would leave pain sensation that long - whole night long. I now believe what people said, ‘it’s like iceberg’. What I saw in that streak of incision seemed innocent and ‘healed with scabs’ but in reality, it has a huge story to tell us on a daily basis!!

I’ve shampooed my innocent scalp with baby shampoo but still looking for ‘mild condition’. Thanks a lot for your sharing!! <3 I learned a lot.

Oh my! you better be more careful Bibe,
Had it too before. we can’t tell accidents specialy our “head that been operated”.
I can feel it as you tell us this" I’m concern for you how are you now hope that you won’t have seizures because of the “bumped” what did you do after have you take any meds. for that?
I am sorry but can`t help asking on your condition now…

Take care

Thank you for your concern. It finally stopped hurting now. I learned my lesson of being extra careful. So far I haven’t experienced seizures… knock on the wood! I’ve put some extra paddings in my hat. I’ve washed my hair more frequently whenever it feels something was crawling. hahaha

Let’s keep us safer. Thanks!!


Thats good news!
just be cautious now that you had it,…have a great day ahead.



You WON’T believe this… it turns out that the pain I have experienced especially after I accidentally ‘bumped’ my head with a pepper-sprays (small canister linked with a keychain) was due to a staple left in my incision.

My son came home and spotted it when I asked him to double check in the area it hurt. He said, “mom, there is a staple there”. I freaked out.

No wonder I have been feeling the pinching sensation all this time. Now, a trip to my local urgent care took care of it.

But, but, but, but… I worried that another area which has the same sensation probably is indicating ‘more’ staples left underneath?

I called my doctor’s office, they said it was RARE that a staple was left behind. And, it’d be most unlikely to have multiple ones left behind. I lost my confidence now since it was an R1 who took the staples out for me.

Sigh!! I am typing this with a little pinch under the thick scab… My next appointment with the surgeon is 12/20. Two more weeks!