Staples and incision Scabs (I have to ask)

So, I got my staples out yesterday! Half of them were completely painless- thought I was doing quite well. This is because my head is still numb. Once they got near the top, WOW. Those ones hurt.

For some reason, now that the staples are gone, the remaining incision feels a bit more fragile. I have several scabs along the incision and I'm scared to dislodge them when I wash my hair.

For those who have been through craniotomy- how long do the scabs last before the incision heals over completely?

And what was your advice about hair dying (NOT contemplating it any time soon, just wondering)

Hi Kit,

I'm certainly not the expert here, but I agree that you WAIT on the hair dye, as you would not want something so irritating going into a wound, even the stuff they consider natural is very strong. Also take great care with shampoo. Use the most gentle thing you can acquire, and take great care with the scabs. if you could pull your hair up and wash it between your hands I think it would be better than pressing it to your head to scrub it, for a bit. Talk to your pharmacist, he may recommend something like Phisoderm until you get that healed.

Good luck to you, I hope you heal quickly and completely!

Wishing you well,


I’ve been using baby shampoo for now. Very scared to go near it so I’ve been washing the rest of my hair and just letting the soapy water rinse over it.

I think you're on the right track, Kit! When it starts to 'itch', you know you're well on the way to it healing!

Sending my best to you!

Thanks for the question and the answers, knowing these things ahead of time will not be surprise then when they happen.

Hi Kit,
I used baby shampoo on my hair. It was more gentle on the wounds. I had to remember that any head wound bleeds more than on the body, so it took a little longer to heal. Also, if you find they missed a staple do not panic. Sometimes scabs form around them. A very wide toothed comb with wide spaces helps after you wash your hair. SK’s answe was excellent.
I could not color my hair for three months.
You sound wonderful. Keep those questions coming!!!

Hair Dye and Scabbing etc...

Hey Kit.. Went through it all and an avid hair dyer (once every 3-4 weeks) I use a dye with no ammonia (Naturtint) and I dyed it 5 weeks after my surgery. My surgeon was ok with it. After my staples came out, my hair started falling out, probably from doc pulling the staples and hair too and doc said due to no circulation the hair will fall out but should grow back.

Well the 19th will be 8 months and still barely any hair. Not sure if normal but it's now my normal.

Glad to see you are doing well.