3 months post-op with unhealed wound

I had a craniotomy on September 19, 2012. I am still healing,, however I have an unhealed wound, it looks like a small red bubble coming out of the top of my head, where the incision started. I've seen the neuro and his physician's assistant and they keep telling me "it's healing, you'll be fine" well, I've been like this for at least a month. Has anybody had this? Please help.

Oh Ingrid I do hope you get some advice here from others...my two cents...doesn't sound right...and the surgeon saw this??? Also, remember you are very early in the healing stage...~ please keep us posted and I will keep you in my prayers ~ Colleen

Hello Ingrid

Hummmm...I do beleive that if I were in your shoes right now..I'd undoubtedly be freaking out just a bit...I honestly don't think that you're healing as well as you ought to be if you have this sort of trouble with the inciscion ...honestly it sounds as if theres a bit of infection ..(?) is it tender to the touch? ( like when you wash your hair? ) Have you considered going to another ER to find out WHY this is happening since your doctor says its healing yet obviously something is going on there--(that sort of thing?) I'm sorry you're having to go thru this. I've been thru two craniotomies and I know for certain I didn't run into anything like this during my healing processes. Best of luck to you Ingrid, I'll have you in my thoughts and prayers, Janet