Post Craniotomy Question

Hi all, it's been awhile since I've been here. I'm about 2 years and 2 months post craniotomy to clip the aneurysm. The area around the surgical site is still numb and I expected that but I'm starting to get little jabs of pain here and there (especially around the area where my skull was cut). The numbing then extends a bit past the surgical site and into my face and jaw. Nothing I can't handle but is this primarily due to the nerves reconnecting and awakening? I figured those lazy bums would start to awaken sometime.

It's been almost 5 years since my clipping. I remember how itchy my head was the side of the surgery. I don't get stabbing pains, but the I have numbing around my ear, above my right cheek and lower jaw. I also get the sensation that my scalp is moving. I don't know, maybe this is normal? Hmm. I am suppose to see the neuro surgeon in a few months for my 5 year check up and I will most definately mention this.

Has your hair grown back? They did not shave half my head, they only made a narrow path (about the width of a pencil) on the side needing clipping. It's been five years and there is about 1/4 of my scalp (from center to right ear and from right ear to forhead) that won't grow. It is the exact same length is was when I had surgery. The rest of my hair has grown and I have to cut it just to keep it from looking like I had a really bad stylist.


Like roots on a plant, the nerves will regenerate and may not operate (pun intended) as they previously did. My wife gets the same type of jabs and it's 26 years later. She can touch her forehead and seem to sense the touch above her ear. Scary but normal I guess.


Hey Harlylena,

I had similar sensations from the craniotomy , a strange numbness way past the actual incision line, And those pulses of pain. Eventually they settle down and the 'normal sensation returns. Occasionally I still get pulses but nowhere near as regularly. I have noticed that the weather has some impact of the frequency of the scalp pains. Since my initial craniotomy I have had my scalp cut 4times and had similar sensations each time, with numbness running into my face at times. This discomfort is totally separate from the awful internal headaches I get. They are in a league all of their own. NASTY.

Personally I believe the scalp pulses and twinges, whilst certainly uncomfortable, are a normal part of healing. Those electrical circuits (nerves) need to heal too.


Much2Much - Cool name! Thanks for your share. Yep, my hair grew back enough to cover the same type of scar. Had to get a new hairstyle I'm not fond of but it works. Funny, I refer to my scar as the pencil holder.

Ed - Thanks for the share. Funny you said that about your wife. I find it amusing that if I curl my eyelashes it feels like someone is pulling at a hair at the top of my head. If I have an itch on the scar that runs over my head, I can rub my eyebrow to relieve it. I plucked an eyebrow one time and it felt like I had yanked all my hair.

Merl - Thanks for the share. 4 times! And headaches! Ugh! I suspected I had some nerve rewiring going on but figured I'd ask. Glad to hear it's rather normal :)

Hey Harlylena,

I think 'rewiring' is a great way to put it. The body has some great healing powers but it does take time. Initially I didn't give it time and pushed myself to return to work. Turns out I did myself more harm than good and a few months later I was on the operating table. So a BIG word of advise, listen to your body. It will tell you when enough is enough.

But "Normal" ??????? there is nothing 'NORMAL' about any of this. Just after my first episode I went investigating, the Net was not what it is today. So it was all text books in libraries. All the Dr's wanted to direct me to a psychologist as "..well, you just can't be having THAT sort of pain..." Prior to my last episode I signed up to a few groups and found that these strange sensations (that I seemingly wasn't having, according to the dr's) were actually quite common. No dr would tell me that. 'Normal' well, no. But not uncommon within a select group.

I can say this much, after each operation I have noticed a sharp decline in my abilities. Skills that were 2nd nature have become a challenge and that is VERY %^&*^ frustrating. As I keep telling people enjoy what you have today, no matter how small, cos tomorrow, in the blink of an eye, it could all be gone. Nobody ever thinks that it would ever happen to them. I didn't. Then BANG... ........Oh hell, I wouldn't wish this on anybody. So now I make sure I get something out of everyday. It might be something small, but not to 'waste' a day.