Residual pain

I am about 3 months post op from my stent placement in right ophthalmic artery aneurysm. Pain in the right side of my head is what led me to finding my aneurysm. I still have residual pain at times that’s full and annoying, always on the right side. Has anyone else experienced this before. I’ve been told that the aneurysm “shouldn’t” cause pain because your actually brain doesn’t feel pain. I’m pretty sure that the Neuro people think I’m crazy for some of the symptoms I experience!

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Hey Jennifer,
“I’m pretty sure that the Neuro people think I’m crazy for some of the symptoms I experience!”
I’m sorry to say this but this is VERY common. I was made to feel the same way. I was told by the surgeon “We operated, we fixed” but things weren’t ‘fixed’ and I required further surgery. When I explained my symptoms I was told “Well, that can’t be happening…” and like you I was told “…“shouldn’t” cause pain because your actually brain doesn’t feel pain…” and part of this is correct the brain itself has no pain receptors and doesn’t feel pain BUT they have altered the flow of blood within the brain. This must have a natural flow on effect. I had a craniotomy, covering the brain matter itself is a covering called the meninges it has nerves and pain receptors. The neurosurgeons had to go through this covering to get to the brain matter and yet still I was given the same line of “the brain doesn’t feel pain…”. The brain may not feel pain But I sure as hell do, that’s for sure.
Now, I have to say here 3 months is still early days in your recovery when it comes to neurosurgery. This is nothing like a broken bone where 6-8weeks later all is healed and things go on as normal. This takes time. I try to explain it this way:
“Your brain is the body’s computer. If you opened your computer and threw in a handful of aluminium foil flakes the system would short circuit all over the place and that’s if the computer ever worked properly again”. I’m now 6years on from my last major neurosurgery and I’m still trying to manage it all.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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I’m with Merl, give everything time, a lot of time. Your brain is going to heal very slowly. The things I know that help is keeping hydrated, getting enough protein, and proper rest. Here’s a little article that explains the pain in our heads