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Random headaches?

I don’t know if I’m just noticing them more now or if these are happening because of my aneurysm (intracranial, extrdural, left side behind my left eye), but I’ve noticed that I’ll get random pains on the left side of my head. They’re typically behind my eyeball, but can be around the general area.

Has anyone experienced this before? Is it normal for this to happen or is it a bad sign? Thanks in advance!

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Hi there - I get random shooting head pains but they aren’t always in the same place I’m approximately 1.5 years post coiling and stenting on one side of bilateral posterior annies. The ARNP actually told me the pains were more common after stenting and would eventually go away. I think we’re all more aware of anything and everything head-related.

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If they are new or severe, you should let the docs know. I’ve certainly had headaches and they haven’t been associated with anything bad. Sleep helps. Drinking lots of water helps. I take a single pill of Tylenol and it helps. I don’t use the other nonprescription drugs. For me, too much light or noise can bring a headache. I will go into a dark quiet room for an hour and I feel better. Keep a notepad about the headaches and what happened that day and see if anything might be associated with them. Sorry you are dealing with them!


Hey Tiana,
Initially it was like every pain, every ache was a concern. But over time I have learnt which pains are ‘normal’ and which pains are to be acted on. I have headaches and eye pain EVERY day. I now look for a progression of symptoms. As I say ‘Eye pain’ has become a normal thing BUT if that progresses from eye pain to visual distortion or I’m getting tingles in my hands and feet or my balance is affected, it’s time to act. Now, these are my signs and your signs maybe different. I have been told by the medicos that the brain itself has no pain sensors, it merely processes the information from elsewhere in the body. And this is why I do not only monitor my headaches but also other sensory irregularities ie tingles etc

In saying all of this I must also agree with Kate, “If they are new or severe, you should let the docs know…” I have gone through this process quite a few times only to be told ‘Nothing to worry about…’ But by the same accord I have had a progression of symptoms that I ignored thinking 'That’s a bit different, but it’ll be OK…" only to find out that it wasn’t OK.
If you have concerns, if you see a progression of symptoms, get it checked out. What’s the worst they can say ‘That’s normal, It’s all OK’ ???. But then if those symptoms are ignored, things can progress and be devastating, get it checked out.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


I totally agree with Kate and Merl, if it concerns you, call the doc. It could be a lot of things that we can only guess at…your doctor or someone on the team will know. Try using the patient portal, usually faster than a phone call. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

My aneurysm is behind my left eye on the main vessel that goes into my eye. I had bad migraine headaches in my left eye and never knew I had aneurysm until I had cerebral hemorrhage
I have had my aneurysm clipped via craniotomy on that vessel and on meds for my migraines
I would for sure talk to dr abt it

It could be blocking blood flow
Watch vision cuz it can affect vision or mine did and still does due to migraines I have