Head Pain after coiling and stenting

Hi all!
Hoping to find someone with a similar experience on here!
I am nearly exactly 1 year post coiling and stenting of a 9mm left carotid ophthalmic annie. I recovered quite quickly as was only in IU overnight.
Other than a week of slight headaches all was good…for a while.
Then the frequent “Head pain” began.
I was admitted a ew times for this after op and had an early angio at the 4 month mark where everything was normal and annie had been occluded! Excellent.
However ever since then I get on and off headaches, migraines and this “head pain” which is hard to describe on the side of the head where annie was and where I imagine the coiling and stenting to be.
I am currently living my life in fear as my last follow up op…without angio gram my neurosurgeon told me there was no need to keep going to the ER and the brain was possibly still healing.
I will not be satisfied with this until I have 1 year angio in 2 weeks…ehic I am strangely looking forward to!
Has or does anyone experience these types of “pains” and how long do they last?
Its very hard to think positive when its actually a physical feeling tat I’m feeling everyday!
Help! Reassurance or experiences PLEASE!!!
Thank you all in advance!

I have also had head pains. I get them at the back of my head, from the ears back. They feel like they’re just below the scalp and I definitely would not characterize them as headaches. Usually they just last a few seconds and are more annoying than painful, as they are a constant reminder that I’ve had stents put in my head.

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Just had my surgery 30 July 2018. Rupture Annie. While , I am thankful because aside from these horrid headaches everything else seems normal no deficiencies found. I don’t like medication. Which sucks for me. Has anyone tried other methods heat therapy or cold ice packs to help the headaches go away? I am now 2 weeks and 1 day in and am exhausted. These headaches are the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.

I used lots of cold packs at the hospital and at home on my neck. I also used cold washcloths on my forehead. I also don’t like medicine but I did have to use Tylenol gel caps to get through the first month post-op after coiling (no stents). It is important to stay ahead of the pain cycle, if I felt it coming on, I would lay down with a cold and take a dose of Tylenol. Also, take walks and mild exercise if the doctor allows. I also had acupuncture treatments and Ultrasound by the chiropractor. Hope you feel better soon! I know I did. My surgery was March 27th, 2018 after a rupture and now I am back to normal with an occasional mild headache.

I had my ruptured aneurysm in December2017. I’ve had a headache pretty much everyday. I’ve read this is quite normal. Am I understanding this right? I mean it makes sense but it scares me.

Each person is different i had a basilar rupture and spent 3 weeks in icu i have had massive migraines daily for over two years my advice is to to a neurologist that specials in headaches and don’t settle.its.not in your head.

I am back to taking pain pills every day. Had stents and coils inserted June 12. Follow up angiogram is this coming Friday. Vision is getting bad again. Bad headache is same spot as before

I have headaches and migraines a lot , the essential oil helps me : peppermint a drop to the middle of forehead and sides of the face . I would recommend to Choose the good brand . And be careful not touching your eyes then …