Pain after annie coiling

HiEveryone i had my operation on my annie which 2.2cm big on 5 january 2012.The annie is quite close to the left eye nerve.after the operation i hav been having more headaches near my eye and where the annie is situatated.i had coiling and is normal to have pain? The pain hasnt got worse it has been relieved by taking pain killers. Has anyone experienced pain like this? I am always in bed and pain is relieved by lieing down & having pain killers.i just dont want to go hospital & have to wait in a&e.i feel so disabled with the pain.can some tell me their experience have been told by my surgeon that this is normal to have pain but for how something going on inside my brain that is causing the pain.its driving me crazy.

Hi Reena,

I had the Pipeline stent back in June, 2011 on a 9mm annie in the right internal carotid artery, just at the ophthalmic artery. I also have a 3mm left sided ICA annie. I had no pain prior to my annies being found, but after the stent, I have come to suffer from severe migraines at times. They are now under control with medication, but after not having any type of headaches for 50 years, then getting them, I believe they are due to the surgery.

I hope this helps!


Hi sorry you are in thing I asked Neurosurgeons before going in for coiling surgery...what pain would I experience afterwards and Doctor told me a good possibility that I would have headaches for up to 6 months accompanied with pain...they lasted a good 2 to 2 1/2 months...bad headaches ... and I took ferocet for the headaches...after about 3 months...I now get migraines (I never had them before the annie)...migraines ever so often that last for about 3 days...

You are very early in the Healing I think this is why you have pain...but if you donot feel comfortable at all, seek medical attention/call your Doctors...Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

Hi Renna,

I, too, had coiling and stent but in a different location. The headaches were bad for about a month - I took Oxycodone and Fioricet for them. The fatigue was also really bad - I still have a lot of fatigue, but not like the first month. My doctor told me at my surgical followup that they really don't know if the headaches I experienced afterward were connected to what was done, but it seems as if everyone has them. I also found that the headaches did get worse when I was tired and sleeping for a while helped them.

I have been off both medications since about a month out (I had the surgery October 24) and only find myself needing a Fioricet maybe 2-3 times a month. I do still feel pressure in my head.

When do you go back for a followup angio? Mine is in February. Hope you feel better soon - I know the first few weeks were a little rough.

Take care,


Hi sherrie
Thabks so mu h for your just going through so much pain and fatigue its unbeluvevable.and knowing that some is going through the same thin makes you feel that you are not on paracetomol & tge medication you are taking is american? Coz im in the seeing my consultant some time jn the next few weeks.just waiti g for an appointmant to come through.wil let you know. You got through the worst part & im going through the same thing.its realy hard each day.feel must be the surgery but i do hope it settles down for you completely & that u can carry on with normal life.all the best.take it easy.

Tha ms for your must be the operation.alot of people afe having pain after the procedure when they never had migfaine or headaches ever.i just hope things get beter with time.this pain disabkes you not to do anything.j dont know how long gona be in bed for
Im so tired and weak.peopke are saying you wil hav headaches.i hope i wil get through this.thanks
for your support your experience does help


Hi colleen thanks. For your often do you take your pain killer? It must be the coiling tgats causing the pain but thats such a long time to wait i know its early days but i feel mine are gona go on for ages.i feel so tired and weak and confined to bed.i cant walk much j get tired.hope things get beter for you.
Love reena

Hi Reena....I had to take the feriocet every 4 hours...they had told me before releasing me from the take it as directed and donot let the Headache get out of when I feel a bad one coming on...usually with the meds I can get rid of within 48 hours...

Have some patience Reena with your body esp the have been through alot and it is time to rest and heal...You got my thoughts...and prayers...and super big hugs...Colleen

Aah thanks collen i have alot of pain as im typing so yiu take your neds and iv just taken mymeds n just hope for the best.have some rest n go to sleep.u r in my prayers.goodnyt sweetie x

Reena...I have no expertise....just my personal opinions / experiences.

You may want to pursue vision disease / damage...start w/the term "hemianopsia" there is also quadrantopia and others. I had the extreme hemianopsia and whatever the other eye muscle pain was. Those terms are too complex for my memoery. I had extreme pain in my right pupil; tho loss of muscle control in both the left and right eyes. I have not regained what is called upper right peripheral (common term) which is not critical to worry about a bird or a plane above a rule.

Have your specialists talked to you about seeing a neuro-ophthalmalogist? If you see one, make sure he/she has complete records, particularly the angio images...I saw neuro-oph twice; before and after the vision therapy.

I had vision therapy by referal from my neurologist; what was great was having the neuro-oph testing before and after to verify the was wonderful and I still cherish them all. I truly cherish Dr. Nancy Torgerson, Optometrist.

Reena, which surgery / treatment did you have 01/05/12? i.e. coiling, or a Pipeline or?

Prayers for you getting help from your neuros them, call them...



Somehow, there is an FDA site to let them know of potential issues....and, you can also contact ev3...

The potential of what you are going thru, may or may not have been addressed in the device study results. In any event, I hope you will let them know the potential issues and that you have documented the dates / issues and continue to do for additional changes, frequency, etc.

All new devices / drugs have to have data on any questions, concerns, (f)actuals... in case changes or adjustments need to be made; at least, for patients to be aware of the potentials noted in their decision process. We were all so excited about the first intros of Pipeline and the numbers of neuros being trained on it across country. I pray you will get your data to the right people.

Hugs and prayers to you all.


Hi Reena it's Friday the 13th...good thing I am not superstitious...anyways...stopped by to check on you today and see how you are doing...and wishing you a restful day with a little less pain...Gotcha in my Thoughts...Colleen

Hi stil in pain where my annie is.docters said evrything went fine.but i cant get out of the bed with this it normal to hve headaches & for how long? Thanks r u feeling today?

I know with the coils the headaches can last up to 6 months...that is what I was told...

I am feeling better today...the drastic changes in temperatures came me a bad, bad headache...and often have trouble sitting at computer....

It's Saturday and please Know I am praying for you ... that each day gets a little better...! Hang tight and cyber ~hugs Colleen


Lyne thanks for your reply.i had eye pain and head pain before surgery but the got worse after the surgery.the pai. Has gone much beter.i thank God for that.i have had lits of reies back
Saying that they had pain after neck is kind of stiff.i spoke to nurse she said its normal.i guess u r lucky u dint have any pain.i hope it gets beter so tired from my surgery that i probably go hospital on sunday or monday.also my legs geels very weak wen im walking wich i
have been told is normal.are having any problem with walking or have any after 15 days after surgery i went out shopping with my mum.i feel real happy that i did.i felt depresses & disabled at home with the pain. Wish you all the best
.one more thing did u have a stiff neck?

Your in my prayers

Love Reena

Lyne sorry u probably didnt understand my last msg i have been typing with my iphone its kinda of difficult but here it is again.
Lyne thanks for your reply.i had eye pain and head pain before surgery but it has got worse after the it has gone much beter.i thank God for that.i have had lots of replies back Saying that they had pain after neck is kind of stiff.i spoke to nurse she said its normal.i guess u r lucky u dint have any pain.i hope it gets beter so tired from my surgery that i probably go hospital on sunday or monday.also my legs feels very weak when im walking wich i have been told is normal.are you having any problem with walking or have any weakness? after 15 days after surgery i went out shopping with my mum.i feel real happy that i did.i felt depressed & disabled at home with the pain. Wish you all the best. One more thing did u have a stiff neck? Mines feels stiff at the moment.i gotta take lot of time of work.
Your in my prayers
Love Reena

Coleen are your pains to the extent you are taking pain killer on a regular bases.tha ks for your support and pains are there but has got better but i am costantly been taking pain killer. Its not as worse it was when it wears off .i guess i have to put up with pain for some time.i hope that your pain calms down soon.its minda disables you.i have been ot beter. I build the strenghth to go out shopping localally.and proud of myself that i have the streghth to do so.u sometimes have to push yourself.u hang in there we will get through this tough time soon.
Your in my prayers & lots of hugs

Love Reena

No Reena...thank God I no longer have to take on regular basis...seems the change in temps causes me a 2 day migraine and then I have to take my meds and keep up with them so the headache doesn't get worse...nope...I am fine today...

Thinking about you...Colleen

I had pipeline done on 12/27 for Annie behind right eye, internal carotid. The headaches have been awful. I was sent home to only take Tylenol. Finally went to ER as my physician would not return my calls and got Vicodin. It seems they are worse when I try to focus on something like the computer. They are also worse in the evenings, maybe that comes with fatigue. My physician insinuated that I would be back at work the next week but I have not returned. I think if I was better prepared for the side effects I would be dealing with them better. As you said, It’s driving me crazy!

be patient you wil heal. I had a pipeline and coiling on 12-29-2011. I had headaches mostly mild and pain medication usually worked my Doctor Kim Nelson said this normal and could last 2 weeks to a few months but it will go away. The last 3 days I have felt way better no headaches. Justy rest a lot it is important I was in bed the first 2 weeks also. Hang in there.

Thanks, Mike B