Recent clipping questions

I am trying to recover FR clipping 3/9 non ruptured ICA. Clipping went fine, home within 4 days. I am now on day 6 and trying to get off oxy’s. I have been taking 1 5mg pill every 4 hours, and at night I take 2 pills. I also take a 600mg Motrin every 6 hours. I have tried weening off Oxcy’s but my head hurts without them. When will headache pain resolve? I think I feel pain is from Oxcy’s as ai am eating very little. Not sure how all this works. I know I want to try and get my mind back with minimal pain, as prior to surgery I didn’t have any pain. So the pain is all new and kinda scary, any thoughts?

I had a clipping done on 11/4/14. I was home the next day and taking oxy's as well. I was taking 2 oxy's every four hours for the first 4 or 5 days. I then started to ween myself off by only taking half of what I was aloud to take every four hours. Eventually the pain started to dull on its own and I was completely free of the pain meds except the ocassional tylenol in about a week and a half. It takes time as they had to cut your head open but the pain will subside eventually. I still have some uncomfortable feelings in the area of my incision four months post op.


I had a clipping for a 4mm MCA aneurysm on 10/28/2014. I had the same fears as you- will this pain EVER go away? I was determined so I tapered off the Oxy by adding Tylenol, and like Troy- I was off all pain meds by around a week or a 1.5 weeks. Hang in there! You will be amazing at how much better you feel soon!

ps-Did your doctor tell you to take Motrin? I was told to avoid ibuprofen. I found that Tylenol worked surprisingly well for me, and I felt alot less sick when I stopped the Oxys (no more nausea, wooziness, etc.).

My Dr said Motrin, hmmmm? Maybe becuz I have NAFL a (Fatty Liver) ?