Question about neuroblast

hi everyone, not been here for a while,i seem to be going longer with headaches usually 2 wks on 2 wks off, tryed to go back work for a week , just doing a couple of hours, then they decided they wanted to do my shifts again, it really knock me for six they said they wanted to help me back into work ,but the reality was they were short staffed. not going back. been to see consultant he said the good news is that i wont have another annie there again and that with all the tests done im as healthy as my partner ,but the bad news is i have brain damage frontal lobe where the rupture was but is going to send me to a neuroblast, what is this and why. thanks dawn

If you don’t mind I have to ask. Are you sure the doc said neuroblast? It is confusing. I believe that a neuroblast is a cell from which a nerve cell develops. I think it is a dividing cell that develops into neurons or glia. There is a neurologist, neuroimmunologist, neuropsychologist, for example. Was the doc telling you about physician or a treatment? Sorry if I complicated the issue but I am confused.

Perhaps your doc was saying neuropsych (neuropsychological) testing.

i think he was talking about helping with headaches, concentration, i took my mum and partner with me but they didnt seem to get it either.

i will ask for more info, when i go for follow up.thanx jim