DC Area doctors with holistic approach

Friend/Housemate of 14 years had Endovascular Embolization 28 months
ago. He smokes, drinks too much caffeine, has high stress computer
programming job and then spends rest of day on 36 inch screen computer.
So as you can imagine he’s got head aches much of the time. He of course won’t change his

Now he’s having worst pain ever and refuses to go to
emergency. Might call his primary care doctor tomorrow if can’t make
work but he refuses to go back to first neurologist and would demand
another one. If he makes it through this year it will be a miracle.

there are any doctors in DC area - esp female, which he’d prefer - who will deal with the
stress/smoking/caffeine issues - and get him to take a month off from
work on disability - I’d love to hear about it. Very stressful
situation, as you can imagine.


Carol in dc area

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