Been a Little Out of It Lately and Trying to Find My Way Back

Hi Everyone,

Since my last post on the rebound headaches, I've been working with my PCP and my neurologist to get my medications and the headaches under control. It's been a hell of a couple weeks, but I think we have finally nailed down getting me back to the semi-normal new me! I've also changed my hours at work and am just working from 10 am to 3 pm which is much less stressful since I don't have to drive in rush hour traffic, which anyone who knows Philadelphia will tell you we have the worst drivers here!! My travel time has gone from an hour down to 30 minutes! What a relief that is!

I just wanted to thank you all for your concern and your wonderful words of encouragement. I dont know what I would do without my BAF Family!

Hugs and healthy wishes to all!



Good luck, Linda. I put up with the Philly traffic for a few years and I’m glad to be done with it. It sizzled my neurons and I felt fried by Thursday morning and I never had a brain injury so I can just imagine how bad you had it. I hope it all works out!

Hey Linda,

So glad you are having a less stressful commute and less working hours. I am confident that the "new norm" will be back soon!



Linda, so glad for you; and, monitor, keep records, on your recovery.

Hugs and prayers for continued recovery.


Thanks Ed, so far it's working good, and I am so ready to be done with going into Philly, and I keep telling my boss I'm on a count down to retirement! 11 years 9 months and I'm outta there!! LOL

Hey Karen,

It has been so much less stress, I even found myself questioning if I was goig to be too early for work today! LOL

Can't wait until my new norm is back in place!!




I have been charting everything and it has helped the doctors immensely. I just need to slow down and remember that I'm not the super woman I used to be!!

Hugs to you and Ihope all is well!


Hi seem to have a wonderful PCP ... and Neurologist ... as you know understanding and help are highly recommended along this journey...I too...have lucked out with a wonderful Neurologist...I don't know what I would do without him...I can talk about the simpliest things to the most complex...

Sometimes I think all of this is "day to day"...maybe sometimes it really is moment to moment...

You are such a great inspiration and help on this site, Thank~you....!

Cyber~thoughts and Hugs your way...Colleen


I am happy you are feeling good. will keep praying for you