Brain injury or Menopause?

Went to see my Primary Care Physician today, to discuss my extreme mood swings, and He told me that I was experiencing menopause symptoms, and prescribed prozac. I am 44, and been experiencing hot flashes, but I told him that I don't think it is menopause, that it is a common symptom of my brain Injury. and He said that he knows lots of people with brain injuries, and that mood swings aren't a symptom. What??

I might not have questioned this, but when I showed him my bald spots, I told him that It was probably from the radiation in the angiogram, and he said that there wasn't any radiation in an angiogram, that it was alopecia, and prescribed denorex. What????

When I went for my last angio, I asked the technicians, and they said it was from the radiation of the angio.

While I was there today, my bp was hard to get, and when they did get it, it was 135/100 this didn't seam to concern him.. I am on bp meds, I have quit smoking, I am eating so many fruits, nuts and vedgies, cut red meats, replaced my bad fats with healthy fats, I am excersizing every day, and cant get my weight or bp down, and this doesn't concern him.

the worse part of this all is that I don't have insurance, I am awaiting SSI, but am in the appeal process for at least another 6 months I am sure, so don't have medicaid yet. I am not working,and My husband makes close to min wage. So, changing Dr's is not an option. this is our clinic.

I don't know what to do? any one else out there going through this? anyone else been told that this is menopause?

Hi Shelby, Sorry to hear of the trouble you are having with your primary doc, I honestly think they don't know anything about annie's so they tell you something off the wall. They don't even need to be a reg doc. I had a neurologist that said I would never have a annie & here I am. About the mood swings & hot flashes, I have them & I've been through menopause. My hot flashes have gotten alot better as time goes by, & it usually is when I first get up. I found to sit in a chair for about 15 minutes when I first get up & they will go away. I also, go thru mood swings, very emotional. I would say to find a new doctor. One that is sympathic to your needs. Someone to talk to. I elected to fight the mood swings, as the anti-depressints, didn't work for me.

Hope this makes sense to you. Take care.


I am going to call my neurosurgeon, thats a great Idea. I think my PC physician, not only does not like that I do my own research, but I don't think he believes that I have quit smoking, and have seriously changed my diet, and am excersizing every other day.

I was operated on in Gainesville Fl, that is 1 1/2 hrs away from where I live, only because I don't trust my local hospital, now I don't trust my local drs either. lol. but I think now that I am stable, and not having to go to the Dr frequently, I am going to see if I can go to the clinic at that hospital. It is a teaching hospital, that has a huge Neuro dept.

I have decided for now, to not go the anti depressant route either. I personally think that if the mood swings are due to the brain injury, then I need to learn to control them, not just hide them away. No Offense to any one using these meds. I might end up on them eventually, but I am learning to control them, just thought it was important to let my Dr know.

My biggest problem was with his attitude, and telling me that I am wrong. I am making a lifestyle change, I need cooperation, not bullying.

I have to agree that many docs don’t like patients who come in armed with knowledge. My primary doc (who I lOVE) told me that lots of patients who know lots can be very difficult for many doctors to deal with - but that he likes the fact that I inform myself. Very honest of him! I’ve experienced that lots - docs who don’t really want to hear much besides their own voice. Keep being pro-active. And YAY on the no smoking and yes exercise!!!

way to go Shelby. I agree with not taking the medication, we’ve had enough garbage put into our bodies, including radiation, so healthy is better. If you can manage your mood swings without it great, you’ll be into menopause soon enough and may require meds for it then, but not now. Remember also that you have quit smoking (as have I) and you are bound to have mood swings from that alone, never mind the brain surgery. You just keep doing what you are doing and check in with the hospital in Gainsville, Fl where you are guaranteed to get educated answer.

Shelby this makes me so mad...about Doctors...find someone else in the practice...

I had something so similar happen to me in the ER ... for the Doctor to eat her words ... they found a leaky 9mm aneurysm...

I have said often to my hubby I never never want anyone treated the way I had been treated, but nothing was ever done...she is still a Doctor at that facility...

Pursue how you are feeling and don't listen to what this Doctor said if your body is telling you differently...

Sending some good thoughts your way...Colleen may want to try researching the pituitary, the thalamus, hypothalamus and whatever else is in that area... which one relates /connects to the reproduction system...(can't think of all the words) but wonder if treatment can impact that portion of our brain control(s). One of the parts also relates to body temperature control...

I have the loss of body temp control; have bad reaction to cold weather; so much so I thought I was having seizures in my left body...EEG confirmed it was not...I take no meds except vitamin D from staying out of the sun all year long... i.e. tested/prescribed...(altho it is OTC) and, of course, other vitamins, potassium, etc...

Are you sure you heard correctly your md say there was no radiation in angio? They are the highest rated level of rad in all the various radiographics (right term?) ... and difficult to find on the 'net...inclduing ICD data...

the BAF site has data on hair loss...we all vary the amount, how quickly it begins, how soon it stops, the depth of regrowth...

Does your hubby have insurance available? Did SSI put you thru neuro-psych testing or some other appeal process? Would your neuro-specialists write a letter to support your condition?

Prayers for your recovery...and appropriate testing / support for you getting on to SSI...

JIm...we never hear of men-o-pause...except for those who pause at the wrong woman's door...tho they get great media coverage...which either ignites emotional swings, or smothers 'em...except politically !! OK...keep smiling!

Yes, I totally heard my Dr correctly that there was no radiation in an angiogram, and he prescribed denorex, for a fungus. I have no doubt that I have begun menopause, but the hot flashes stopped when I had my aneurysm.

I guess my post was just frustration on how any Dr. can deny things that their patience say with such arrogance. When I told him about my severe mood swings, and I said that I had heard that this was a side effect of my injury. He said that this is not a side effect of a brain injury. he has many patients with brain injury's and they don't have mood swings. That This is most definitely menopause.

I have about 20 sheets of paper from the hospital, from the american heart association, explaining what the most common effects of a stroke are. and every sheet lists loss of emotional control, and changes in mood.

I want to highlight them, and mail them to him, but have to find a new DR first so that I can find someone to refill my bp meds. lol. My Neurosurgeons office has a specialist that is working with me to find someone. now that I dont have to go in as frequently, I might go to a clinic down there.

Im so happy that you have stop smoking, The SSI it takes a good doctor that knows how to put it on paper and will work with you, I got it in just 2 months the first time because of RA went back to work and got down took little over a year to get it back...... I have mood swings, not from menopause, Im 68, I had loss of hair, doctor said it was from radiation that he gave during surgery. funny how my hair has come back, the side where they shaved has came back very curly, the top that they shave has came back stright, the rest is just hunging down dry and limp, everthing that I use on it causes a bad itch, my head has been itching for months...... funny a curling iron will no longer curl my hair. changing doctors is not easy, I want to change my primary doctor and no one else wants trouble, too much wrong with me, my doctor asked me why I keep going the 45 miles down for treament for the aneurysm, he told me I had to many things wrong. I feel traped. I tried, no where will take me beside clinic, I feel good and can led a good happy life, Im so happy to just be alive and able to care for myself and be happy, Im leading a full happy life

be alive, I could care less about hair if you don't like it, who cares. I too look everything up on the internet and make a list of questions for the doctor and he think that Im well organize, said I was well inform. He's happy that I can do it.

I think the first problem was “he said” . I agree that mybe a woman doctor might be more understanding and not dismss it as a “silly female” thing. Regardless of your finances you deserve decent care and more importantly respect.