Preparing for WEB Surgery for Aneurysm in the Anterior Communicating Artery

My surgery is scheduled for April 24. I began taking plavix and aspirin March 25 to prepare for surgery just in case I need a stent. I had blood work yesterday and found out the plavix is not working for me. Dr. changed medication and I will have to go back next week on Tuesday and Friday for additional blood work. Just hope I pass next week and can have the surgery on April 24. Has anyone else had issues with plavix?

I did as well. I take Brilinta. There are quite a few people that need an alternative to Plavix, and I’ve never heard of Brilinta not working for them. Is that what you were prescribed? It should be fine. If you are on Brilinta just be sure you follow the maximum aspirin instructions and don’t take something that sneaks more in without you realizing such alka seltzer, kaopectate, midol, pepto, etc. which will interfere with Brilinta.

I was to take Plavix daily 10 days prior to my coiling procedure. Three days before the embolization I had blood work done and the Plavix was working too well and was taken off of it. Luckily my levels returned to a better range and I had successful coiling. Afterwards they tried Plavix 3 times a week and now I take it only twice a week. I’m also taking a 81mg aspirin. My coiling was 2 weeks ago.

I also took Plavix for a short time before my stent and coils were placed. My neurosurgeon’s NP said I’d have to take it for six months to a year after the stent but they took me off it after a week as I looked like someone beat me up with a baseball bat, though not quite as bad as when I was in NSICU. I only take 81 mg of aspirin now.

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“ I had blood work yesterday and found out the plavix is not working for me. Has anyone else had issues with plavix? “

I also had issues with Plavix, it turned out that I was what they call a “hyper responder” to the medication. When I asked the pharmacist about it she was the one who prescribed the dosage, she told me that this is a genetic thing, some people doesn’t respond to the medication, some people respond too much and some people are more “normal “.
She told me that this is why they check the levels in the blood to properly determine the dosage of the medication and this is nothing to worry about. For me, I had to take half a tablet two times a week, when the normal dosage was one pill daily. I had Plavix and 487mg Aspirin for six months and then I got off the Plavix and down to 325 mg Aspirin. One year later I was down to 81 mg Aspirin for the rest of my life.
It’s all about genetics, how our bodies metabolize the active drug.
I hope this information helps.
All the best to you.


Yes, think that is pretty common from what I see in a facebook group I joined about unruptured aneurysms. They tested me morning of the coiling/stenting and I am a non responder so they just switched me to Brilinta that day. I have had not problems with it, and the nice thing is it is immediately reversible, so in the case of say a car accident, they can ‘turn the blood thinner off’ if you need surgery. You take it twice a day instead of once a day and still with the baby aspirin. They don’t start everyone on it because (from what I have read) it is more expensive and insurance requires you try Plavix first.

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